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Marketing Eye is Australia’s leading marketing consultancy firm for small to medium sized businesses. In simple, we help small businesses grow exponentially through developing targeted marketing campaigns aligned to overall business goals.

Social media platforms are in a constant battle for dominance. Instagram Reels and TikTok have emerged as frontrunners in the race for the hearts and screens of Millennials and Gen Z. Both platforms stand out for their short, engaging video content but differ in audience and user experience. Here's a direct comparison:

Ryan Reynolds has masterfully blended humour, authenticity and strategic partnerships to redefine marketing in the digital age. His approach, characterised by its clever use of social media, viral content and personal branding, has not only upgraded his businesses but also set a new benchmark for how brands engage with their audience. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Long Form Ads: Do they work?

Remember those captivating long-form ads that felt like mini-movies? Are they relics of a bygone era, or can they still hold their own in 2024? With goldfish-like attention spans and endless content competition, the effectiveness of long-form ads sparks ongoing debate. So, the burning question remains: “Do long-form ads still work in 2024?” 

Every year, the Super Bowl isn't just about the clash on the gridiron; it's also about the battle of the brands competing to conquer the viewers' attention during commercial breaks. The Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right, with marketers pulling out all the stops to create memorable and impactful advertisements.

Australia's e-commerce scene is booming, with online retail sales expected to reach a staggering $60 billion by 2025. But amidst this abundance of opportunity, fierce competition can leave even seasoned businesses struggling to stay afloat. If you're an e-commerce entrepreneur yearning for explosive sales growth and increased brand visibility, partnering with the right marketing consultant can be your foundation towards progress.

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