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Marketing Eye is Australia’s leading marketing consultancy firm for small to medium sized businesses. In simple, we help small businesses grow exponentially through developing targeted marketing campaigns aligned to overall business goals.

Given the increasing digital buzz across the globe, where personal connections often take a backseat, the pursuit of a genuine, personalized customer experience remains an essential goal for businesses. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into play, the technological marvel that's not only transforming industries but also redefining how companies interact with their customers in real-time. Let’s look at how AI is infusing the personal touch into customer experiences, creating meaningful engagements that leave a lasting impact.

Attention all travelers! Here's some exciting news: the way we plan our trips has taken a thrilling leap into the future. Imagine having a virtual assistant that curates your ideal vacation according to your preferences, schedule, and budget. The best part? This isn't just a daydream anymore; it's a reality.

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, yet, one thing remains consistent; how imperative it is to understand and connect with the intended audience. As we embrace the digital era, this relationship becomes incredibly complex especially when targeting the demarcation between millennials and Gen Z. These two groups share similar characteristics but also have a plethora of different preferences and behaviours that shape how they perceive the world, which is essential for marketers to learn how to overcome.

The realm of marketing is currently undergoing a revolutionary transformation, fueled by the predictive capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). As technological advancements surge forward at an unprecedented pace, the infusion of AI has emerged as a game-changer, equipping marketers with tools that not only decipher historical trends but also forecast future trajectories. This predictive prowess is poised to redefine how businesses interact with consumers, allocate resources, and devise strategies for triumph.

In the realm of ASX-listed companies, annual reports are more than just a compilation of financial figures and regulatory disclosures. They serve as a window into the company's journey, its brand and the value it brings to the market. Having done many ASX Annual Reports over the years, companies are forced to go beyond just Accountants, Lawyers and Board Members to develop annual reports and bring in marketing teams that use branding and creativity to speak volumes to shareholders.

Unless you have been sitting under a rock, the workplace as it was once designed no longer exists. The dynamic between employer and employee is often marked by a subtle yet powerful force: entitlement. This multifaceted environment weaves threads of expectations, rights and perceptions, shaping interactions and influencing the very fabric of organisational culture and influence.

In the fast-changing realm of social media, where trends are becoming increasingly unpredictable, a new term, "planted" influence has surfaced. However, rather than benefiting influencers, it questions the genuineness of some influencers. This concept suggests that some content creators have been carefully positioned, perhaps by platforms, brands, or external forces, to gain rapid popularity, raising questions about the organic nature of their rise to fame. A recent incident involving the rising star Bobbie Althoff has brought this intriguing phenomenon to the forefront, prompting us to delve into the murky waters of influencer marketing.

Only a few weeks ago, I had never heard the name Bobby Althoff. Today, I watch and rewatch her viral videos over and over again and am obsessed. At just 25 years old, Bobby has managed to capture the attention of the world with her unique approach to celebrity interviews, making her podcast, aptly titled "The Really Good Podcast," an overnight sensation. But how did she rise to such fame and what sets her apart from the rest in a world that is exhausted by influencers?

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