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Marketing Newsletter

Marketing Newsletter

Marketing Strategy Blog - Marketing Newsletter

Marketing Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter, a journey through the intricacies of modern everyday marketing and the powerful skill that propels success: problem-solving or how I sometimes like to call it “thinking”. As we venture further into “The Everyday Marketer” marketing paradigm, I’m reminded that we are often faced with situations whether you have little experience or a lot in marketing, where if we think things through, we can arrive at the right conclusion, without burdening someone else before we have even tried.

In this edition, we delve deep into the science, mindset and practical applications of effective problem-solving in a role as a marketing professional.

This is my first newsletter for marketers who want to be the best. You may be in a marketing graduate position, marketing executive, marketing manager, marketing and communications professional, content marketer or a CMO – whichever title you hold, there still is a lot to learn. After 30 years in marketing, running two marketing agencies across three countries, developing the world’s first AI powered marketing strategy technology platform, and spending thousands of hours researching, learning and developing my skills – I’m now sharing.

By reading this newsletter about setting strategies, improving productivity, understanding data, being a reporting “show off”, creating high impact campaigns, generating leads and getting the low-down on AI and Martech – you will have a lot of ah-ha moments. We are all capable of being better marketers – it’s a choice we can make. Do you just want to do what you have to do to get a paycheck, or do you want to produce work you are proud of?

How does your role and career impact your health? Is being stressed by a deadline normal? Do you crave “less to do”? Are you sitting on the fence in your career? Do you get paid enough? What can you expect from your career? Is your side hustle your real passion? How do you become more creative? Will AI take your job? Why do you have a push-back on AI? These are all questions that need answers and may just resonate. I am going to share with you what I experience, feel and see – the good, bad and ugly – and sometimes controversial.