Robotic Marketer

Robotic Marketer

Technology that helps businesses develop powerful marketing strategies

Robotic Marketer is a world-first marketing strategy technology that helps small to medium-sized businesses accelerate their growth potential through the creation of a strategic marketing plan. Marketing Eye uses Robotic Marketer to create marketing strategies that are smarter, more intuitive, precise and thorough than any human marketer could ever be.

Robotic Marketer benefits from two decades of marketing strategies; their successes and failures to form machine learning. This is combined with artificial intelligence that deep dives into competitor behaviour, challenges current marketing efforts and pinpoints what works and what doesn’t.

Have your next marketing strategy written by a ‘robot’ that deep dives into big data on your current marketing performance, customer behaviour, competitive landscape and existing market conditions. Where clients benefit the most is the fast-tracking of research and machine learning from past marketing strategies, which clearly defines a path moving forward to achieve the best possible results, with data-driven marketing outcomes.

Not only will you have the blueprint to promote your brand in the market, you will have all the key recommendations on what marketing activities your company needs to do to achieve your desired results.


 Designated Marketing Consultants

Like every great marketing agency, we use technology as a platform to deliver quality, but it is human touch that helps bring brand story and creativity to the forefront. Marketing Eye marketing consultants work alongside the technology to help you build an advantage over your competitors through strong, creative, data-driven campaigns that are tactically executed.

 Market Opportunities

With a track record of working with companies seeking high growth, a Robotic Marketer marketing strategy best equips you to capitalize on market opportunities through a blueprint of integrated marketing activations that are smart, creative and insight driven.

 Smart Marketing Colleague

As the IP of Marketing Eye, Robotic Marketer combines almost two decades of marketing experience to generate a marketing strategy within a matter of minutes, instead of hours of manual effort. Robotic Marketer is designed to be easy to use, while still housing a powerful AI-based, machine learning system in the backend.