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Marketing Consultant Sydney

Many businesses talk about marketing, few committ to success.  Marketing Eye defies the status quo by delivering customised marketing solutions.  Our in-house team includes marketers public relations officers, graphic designers, social media experts and journalists; a cutting-edge marketing department at your disposal.

Through techonlogy-driven analysis, Marketing Eye can pinpoint how your business can achieve results through a carefully executed marketing strategy.

When it comes to developing new marketing strategies, small businesses need to consider their options. With extensive experience in marketing consulting, here are 5 facts on how Marketing Eye is different:
  1. Marketing Eye’s main mission is to fully understand and listen to its clients, tailoring its marketing campaigns to the needs of SMALL businesses that dream to become BIG.
  2. Unlike most of our competitors, all services that Marketing Eye provides are in-house, leading to more efficiency when completing a project.
  3. With onl $625 per week, apart from measurable improvements, businesses also benefit from Marketing Eye through media exposure (see
  4. Marketing Eye has a strong and reputable social media presence with over 50,000 quality followers across Twitter (@marketingeyeaus and @marketingeyeus) and Facebook.  Marketing Eye has a loyal readership of over 10,000 on LinkedIn (Mellissah Smith Founder).
  5. Apart from having strategically-located offices across Australia and the US, Marketing Eye plans to further expand internationally to Europe, Canada and the UK early 2015.
Marketing Eye Sydney can help YOUR business grow by providing a highly-experienced marketing manager, advertising, public relations, web development, social media, online marketing campaigns, graphic design and branding services; that make you stand out among your competitors.

If you are located in Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle and Woollongong; Marketing Eye Sydney can assist you with all your marketing needs.

For more information on how Marketing Eye Sydney can help your business, please contact us online.