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Social Media

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Social Media Strategy

Marketing Eye develops social media strategies for companies of all sizes, across all social media mediums and inclusive of social media advertising, influencer management and product placement.

LinkedIn Content and Lead Generation

Marketing Eye helps businesses generate leads using LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Helper, and write content to improve your brand awareness on this medium.

Responsive Social Media Calendars

Marketing Eye builds content calendars across all social media mediums including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google , YouTube and more, and develops advertising and promotional campaigns integrated into social media calendars.

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 LinkedIn Lead Generator

From $2,500 per month, Marketing Eye will manage your entire LinkedIn account, personal and business, generating leads for your sales team.

 Social Media Content Calendars

Pick three social media mediums, and Marketing Eye will develop content calendars to ensure that you are engaging with your audience and communicating your brand socially. Social media calendars start from $800 per month.

 Social Media Strategy

Marketing Eye will develop a comprehensive social media strategy for $3,990, incorporating suggested social media postings and competitor analysis.

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