Robotic Marketer Overview

Robotic Marketer Overview

Digitising your Marketing Strategy

Our Marketing Consultancy Firm delivers a 40+ Page Marketing Strategy for $4,950

Robotic Marketer® marketing strategies are smarter, more intuitive, market research and data-based, with in-depth analysis of competitors and the market. Artificial intelligence provides more actionable insights into how to optimise your marketing efforts. Robotic Marketer produces the best robot-possible marketing strategy with the added benefits of a marketing consultant. With more than 1,000 marketing strategies completed, at Marketing Eye we can help your business to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. For $4,950 we will conduct a marketing workshop and create a tailored solution for your company.

The Marketing Strategy

At Marketing Eye, we utilise our best team present across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to work on developing your marketing strategy – over 40 pages in length and meticulously detailed. 

Over 1,000 Marketing Strategies 

Marketing Eye's team of Marketing Managers are exceptional and have extensive experience. Together we have created more than 1,000 strategies over 14 years. To make them more powerful, our marketing agency has developed the world's first Robotic Marketer; more intuitive, deep-diving into big data and analytics to get the best results for your business.


At Marketing Eye, we know that to make your marketing strategy smarter and easy to implement, technology is required. Robotic Marketer is a uniquely intelligent system that creates marketing strategies based on key data inputs.


Incredible detail 

The Robotic Marketing tool creates over 40 pages of strategy outlining not only your businesses best way forward but, describes an overview of the target market and provides extensive background on your competitors.

Affordable Outsourced Marketing

Our prices haven’t changed in ten years, this is because our priority is to help businesses grow. We give you every opportunity to be competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Website and SEO

To ensure your website gives customers and prospects the best experience, our outsourced marketing agency will make sure it is designed to portray your business and services in the most user-friendly way. We also make sure your SEO is working for you.

Get Started On Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Eye is one of Australia's most renowned marketing consultancy firms – best known for creating diverse and tailored marketing strategies. We have delivered results-orientated marketing strategies to companies in a myriad of industries including professional services, technology, manufacturing, health, medical, FMCG, tourism, logistics, utilities, energy and many other industry sectors. 

Our expert marketing consultants present across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbaneare prepared to do a marketing workshop and develop a marketing strategy with key actions implementable across your business for the next twelve months for just $4,950 because we are future focused. Normally, we would charge $25,000 for a one-off marketing strategy, or take two months to complete as part of our Marketing Eye program but we have a set goal in place. Our Robotic Marketer technology needs to be fed with 100 new strategies. Don’t do business without a marketing strategy in place - sign up today and watch your business grow.

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How Does It Work?

To begin with us simply, sign up. We will set up a marketing workshop date, then it’s all systems go!

Sign Up

Once you sign up with Marketing Eye to develop your marketing strategy, we can start our administrative process. It's quite simple to do. Just click here.

Date Set

Once the administration is completed, and the payment is processed, we will set a date for the marketing workshop. This can be done in our offices or online through a suitable platform - even via telephone. 

Marketing Workshop 

Set aside 3 hours for a structured marketing workshop which dives deep into your business plan, sales and marketing objectives; followed by more tactical marketing outcomes such as brand, public relations, communications, direct marketing, digital marketing, social media, events, tradeshows, advertising, website, marketing automation and others.

Preparation is Key 

At Marketing Eye, we like to work effectively and efficiently, this means that we will need to know a few things about you prior to the workshop. Expect a simple checklist that will fast-track our ability to complete market research prior to the meeting and be prepared to add value throughout the workshop and beyond.

Marketing Strategy Development 

Marketing Eye uses Robotic Marketer® to create marketing strategies that are more intuitive, smarter and more precise and thorough than any human marketer could ever be. Have your next marketing strategy written by a robot that asks the right questions, deep dives into research, turns competitors’ advantages into your advantage and cleverly writes your marketing strategy in minutes.

Robotic Marketer 

At Marketing Eye, we use the ultimate platform – Robotic Marketer, to facilitate a powerful, engaging marketing workshop, delivering a 40-plus page comprehensive, results-orientated marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Presentation

There is nothing worse than receiving a 40-page document in your inbox without someone talking you through it, so you can ask questions and understand the content. Benefit from an introductory period where a Marketing Manager from ‘Marketing Eye’ will walk you through a strategic marketing workshop, ensuring any questions you have are answered.

Key Actions

There has never been a better time to take your business to the next level. While many companies still spend weeks or months putting together their yearly marketing strategies, you can do this in a matter of minutes. Not only will you have the blueprint to promote your brand in the market, you will have all the key recommendations on what marketing activities your company needs to do to achieve your desired results.

Start Today

Ready to catapult your business with your brand new marketing strategy? Get started today!