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In addition to the keen marketing ‘eyes’ we cast over our clients, we spend our days (and often nights) casting eyes over the industry and the latest developments.  Here in a quick and easy podcast, you can access the latest information in an ever evolving world.

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Marketing Eye is excited to announce the release of our latest episode of "The Life of a Marketer Podcast," featuring industry experts Jared Berryman and Mellissah Smith. In this episode, Mellissah shares valuable insights on the current state of digital marketing, including the importance of creating a strong personal brand and the impact of artificial intelligence on the industry. Don't miss out on this informative and engaging conversation with two of the top minds in the field. Listen now on our website or your favorite podcast platform.

Influencers have changed how brands market. Join Kate Hanly, Lennia Pedroso and Anna D’Souza as they deep dive into the remarkable rise of influencer marketing, and how this has affected people’s perception of brands. The podcast explores the good, the bad and the why behind engaging influencers; providing insight into how you can find a balance for your business.
The key to a successful marketing campaign requires effective storytelling that is consistently communicated at each and every touchpoint. Join Mellissah Smith, Kate Hanly, Lennia Pedroso and Anna D’Souza as they discuss the “best” advertising campaigns in the world. The podcast will provide an insightful look into brands that have nailed the art of communication and key learnings that can be drawn from their successes.
For many young people, COVID-19 has upended the normal trajectory of their lives; the move from being university graduates to working individuals. Join Mellissah Smith, Kate Hanly, Lennia Pedroso and Anna D’Souza as they discuss how young marketers are not only coping but transitioning into the workforce in the current climate. The podcast covers the key challenges faced as well the tips Gen Z are able to implement to help them stand out from the crowd.
Outsourcing marketing isn’t something to be treated lightly. As new technologies and platforms come to market it has become even more important to work with the right teams. In this episode, Adam Torres and Mellissah Smith, Founder at Marketing Eye & Robotic Marketer, explore marketing trends and what to look for in an experienced team.
In this podcast Adam Torres from the Money Matters Top Tips interviews Mellissah Smith, Founder at Marketing Eye & Robotic Marketer.
Join this week’s conversation on thought leadership with Morgan Doyle, Steven Jackson, and Mellissah Smith of Robotic Marketer. There are plenty of thought leaders out there, but what does it mean to be a thought leader? Thought leadership can encompass several things at once. Whether it’s success and stature or passion and energy, all that matters is that they provide value to their audience.
As 2019 winds down, how are you preparing for 2020? There are plenty of things that are going to change going forward, but it’s incredibly important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your marketing efforts. 2020 will see more automation, video content and plenty of other new techniques available to marketers.
Join Marketing Eye's Morgan Doyle and Strategy to Revenue's Robert Fox, as they discuss the intricacies of outsourced marketing. The benefits of outsourced marketing are endless. Among many benefits, outsourcing can lighten the internal load of your team and proves to be more cost-effective that other methods of delegation. For a higher ROI and cost-effective approach, listen to more about the benefits of outsourcing your marketing department.
Join Morgan Doyle and Michael Banks as they discuss some important Practices To Consider When Implementing An Email Marketing Campaign.
Video marketing is an invaluable resource in our marketing strategy. People today are spending a third of their time: watching online video content. If we are keeping our target audience in mind that means we must be migrating toward this platform. Watch to see how large corporations and small businesses alike can pursue customers through video marketing.
Last week we covered the importance of the content you are delivering to your target audience. This week we’ve taken a step back to explore the broader framework of marketing strategies. How are they different from a marketing plan? Find out this and more as we detail the importance of marketing strategies and how you can implement them in your business.
A marketing strategy should be a key component of every marketing tactic. Is this video we’ve created a strategic emphasis on content marketing strategy. What areas should you be focusing on? What channels are building your business and what channels need to be cut? Find out this and more as we discuss various topics behind content marketing strategies.
Creating a Coaching Culture, the importance of have it structured into your business.
“I’m one of those people that is very passionate about many things. Right now, I’m involved with my little startups called Robotic Marketer.”
Hear from Atlanta’s star marketers and designers on what they really think of Instagram influencers, an egg that beat Kylie Jenner to the number one spot on the ‘like’s’ list on Instagram and the types of accounts that really inspire them. This candid interview will give you an insight into how marketers really think about this platform and it’s value in your marketing mix.
Here Lewis Lambert from the Melbourne office chats candidly with a team of marketers and designers at Marketing Eye on company culture. Don’t expect your normal politically correct spiel because this podcast has everything in it from the emotional connection of the team through to the unexpected ‘dick pic’ that popped up on everyone’s screens.
Every business needs a marketing eye, but not every business has one – now they can.
The Komiji website development project is a classic example of a marketer’s “dream” - a client in the early stages of brand development, with an innovative and highly scalable product, complete with an open mind and the passion to allow their brand to soar.  Komiji brings forth Australia’s first in men’s precision superwear, a range of shape enhancing, dual purpose men’s compression clothing, suitable as both underwear and outwear.

Today’s podcast features Mellissah Smith, Christina Kortesis and Claire McGuinness, from Marketing Eye Melbourne, discussing the development of the website from concept to fruition, highlighting key factors and marketing considerations.   We look forward to your thoughts.  
This marketing podcast outlines what small businesses should be including in their press kits in 2012. Included is 9 key items that should be in every press kit that goes to media; online and offline. Brought to you by Marketing Eye.
Do you want to know how to attract quality leads online? Find out how you can increase your sales performance through enhancing your company website. 
An ‘Eye over Marketing’ is a podcast run regularly by key Marketing Eye personnel. Each podcast is 5-10 minutes long covering all kinds of marketing tips and tricks and insights into the day-to-day life of a marketer!