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Businesses usually spend a lot of time on goal setting, strategy development, but have you ever deliberated how you can achieve the marketing goals in an agile and effective manner? It is always good to review whether the marketing goals are on the right track. Otherwise, all investments and efforts will be diminished. 

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How can you optimize STP to achieve your marketing goals?

The process can be summarized by asking yourself the following questions.

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Whether you are selling a product or a service, it’s intended for a specific group of customers, or a target market. But do you understand anything about that group of people? This where a target audience comes, which defines that group of people. A target audience is a group of consumers characterised by behaviors and specific demographics, and knowing your target audience can help to influence decision making for a marketing strategy. Finding your target audience takes a lot of work and research so that you can figure out who exactly you want to reach. Below, we have some tips on how to find your target audience.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

5 of the best mobile marketing campaigns

Brand communication via our smartphones is nothing new, however marketing agencies, retailers and other savvy businesses are now making better use of the tool.

According to eMarketer, mobile budgets have increased more than 735% between 2011 and 2014 and spending is expected to rapidly accelerate.
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For many small businesses, the not-so-new marketing technique of QR Codes is just another technology platform that may well be a craze.

Unfortunately, this would be wishful thinking.

QR Codes are here to stay and in 2012 small businesses will find everything from advertisements through to resumes featuring QR Codes alongside brand names sending consumers and customers to websites, video, advertisements, catalogues, contact information, product suggestions and so on.

Only limited by your imagination or that of your creative departments, it is imperative that marketers don't fall prey to this form of marketing without carefully considering their target audience.
Friday, 05 February 2010

EVERYBODY is nobody

It’s Friday and yet another person has said that their target audience is everybody.