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Ruth Ostrow, The Australian

Most of us have realised the degree to which negative thinking undermines our success and creates unhappiness. The negative self-talk keeps going like a nasty old woman perched on our shoulders: “You’re not good enough”; “You’re a failure”. Or a more personal voice as we struggle with daily challenges: “I’m disorganised”; “I’m fat”; “I’m a fraud”.

Or mantras from childhood: “Life’s hard”; “People will take advantage”.

Sydney Morning Herald

The cherry growing market is buoyant, and many fruit growing businesses are seeking opportunities and building partnerships with overseas buyers. But breaking into global markets takes time and effort, as we have learned.

When we first considered exporting manufacturing equipment as a business strategy we already had some demand for our cherry grading equipment. Early on, one Italian customer purchased three of our machines to sort and grade cherries. It was from this one customer – who happened to have a very high profile in the industry – that we were then able to build relationships with European and Turkish customers. This taught us that it is vital when considering export markets to gain key contacts that will help push your brand and product.

After our initial market entry, we began receiving more interest from Italy and around the same time were approached by an Italian agent to represent us. This allowed us to develop a more concerted push into other export markets.

Mark Pope, Business First

A lack of engagement, immediate or otherwise, often results in employee disengagement and this can have dire consequences for the business and staff member. When an employee enters a workplace for the first time, he or she is full of initiative, ideas and strategies that could very well improve down the line efficiencies.

There are risks inherent in any business. Most company leaders look only to financial burden, cost imperatives and bottom line policy. They expect employees to come in and perform a set task. That is fine if that is all they want for their business, but good leaders will encourage their staff to undertake those tasks and improve on their efficiencies.


Manufacturing is critical to the health of Australia’s economy. That’s why it’s important for tertiary institutions to take a forward-thinking approach to partnering with manufacturers and suppliers who are ready to support our future workforce. Jonathan Jackson reports ...

Much has been made of government’s lack of support for the manufacturing industry. It has far reaching effects on the economy, innovation and not least the lives of those who lose their means.

What is corporate renewal? Jonathan Jackson posed that question to Daryl Wright, leader of performance improvement firm Bond Street One-Eighty.

Good leadership equates to empowerment and this is what Daryl Wright achieves each time he goes into a business to effect change. He has been doing it for some time now and he’s learnt a great deal about leadership, management and business improvement. In fact, business improvement has been the motivating face throughout Daryl’s career.

“I did my CA in South Africa and while we all know that business is driven by numbers, real results come through a variety of management factors,” he says.
19 December 2011; Tourism Authority of Thailand has appointed leading travel and tourism expert, Julie Schoneveld from marketing consultancy firm Marketing Eye to provide consulting services on strategic marketing plan to build tourism in the region.
Forget sales - if you don't have a lead to begin with, there won't be a sale in sight. So why do small businesses fail to ignite a frequently flowing stream of leads that they can nurture and turn into a sales?

According to small business marketing expert Mellissah Smith, "Small businesses just don't get into a sales cycle rhythm like their larger counterparts, largely because they don't identify that there is actually the problem with not having a sales cycle."