Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit

Is your business utilising your marketing resources to their fullest potential? Every business, no matter their industry, should be constantly reanalysing and revising their marketing resources, departments and agencies. As this provides your business with the potential for further future growth and success.

Marketing Eye is both Australia’s and the United States’ leading marketing audit consultancy firm that has over a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge in a wide range of respective fields and industries. With this being said, we have completed well over 300 marketing audits since the beginning of our inception.


Disrupting the market one audit at a time

As a disruptive leading marketing consulting firm, we go into a wide variety of businesses with the mindset of modernised change and innovation. What this means to a company seeking a marketing audit is simple; we deliver upon cost-saving opportunities, efficiencies and brand authenticity across all marketing and communication disciplines.

As a marketing company with five distinctive facets to our business; outsourced marketing department, marketing and agency audit consultancy, technology developer and implementer, media company and educator. We enjoy taking each of these disciplines and creating the highest quality and revolutionary best-practice.

The rapid change of Technology and Marketing

The marketing world is constantly evolving and being revolutionised to be able to keep up to date with the presented trends technology creates. Enabling and hiring Marketing Eye to step into your business’s world can be extremely beneficial as we have the available resources to audit your marketing department and/or agency relationships. That will establish what your companies best-practices should be and ultimately improve the effectiveness of your marketing outcomes.


Marketing Eye's marketing audits are best suited to three types of companies

  1. Companies with $5 to $10 million in revenue that currently have limited marketing resources. These businesses are mainly seeking industry best practice for high growth opportunities and better sales support infrastructure that includes the building of inside sales teams and implementation of marketing automation.

  2. Medium to large corporations seeking to ensure that their marketing budget is utilised in the best possible marketing avenues and aligned to the overall business goals. This is especially important to large multinationals, merger and acquisition facilitation and companies that wish to reduce the marketing spend or increase its value and support to sales infrastructure of the organisation.

  3. Digital marketing audit for companies seeking to ascertain whether their agencies or in-house digital teams are maximising the greatest potential of their provided digital marketing spend.

For all marketing audits budget between $25,000 and $60,000. This will include the following process with reference to the type of audit conducted:

Marketing Audits

Marketing Audit Model: Data Collection

  • Current marketing resources employed, and activities conducted
  • Overview of marketing needs company-wide
  • Internal strategy and documentation
  • External proposals and output
  • Marketing mix results
  • A sample of collateral and marketing output
  • Qualitative and quantitative interviews and surveys

Marketing Audit: Analysis

  • Upload data to marketing audit app
  • Analysis of structure and resources
  • Assessment of marketing needs
  • Evaluation of marketing mix performance against industry standards

Marketing Audit: Recommendations and Reporting

  • Presentation of findings
  • A full report consisting of analysis and recommendations

At Marketing Eye, we would love to have a chat and to discuss how we can save you money, improve processes and audit your brand, please click here.

You've taken your brand this far, now we will help you take it to the next level. 

A Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye provides marketing services to startups and small to medium-sized businesses all the way through to large corporations. Our marketing consulting services are backed by the latest in marketing technologies, and a team of people in marketing, design, web, and communications.

Easy on-boarding process

We walk you through how you can get the most out of your outsourced marketing department, what to expect and how to leverage our resources, contacts and ways of doing business to improve your outcomes.

Awesome team experiences

Marketing Eye's team of people are talented and completely committed to ensuring that our clients get the results they are looking for. Their best days, are when you have achieved remarkable results from the work they have done.


We use all the best marketing technologies and spend endless hours researching new ways in which we can accelerate your growth through using technology platforms for better customer engagement.

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1,000 Strategies 

With our experience of working on more than 1,000 marketing strategies, you will find an experienced team of marketing professionals at your disposal whilst working with Marketing Eye.

Affordable Outsourced Marketing

We haven't changed our prices in 10 years, because our number one priority is to help your business grow, and give you every opportunity to be competitive in a changing landscape.

Website and SEO

Ensure that your website gives customers and prospects the experiences they want to have with your brand to give them every reason to buy from you. Also, make sure you SEO company is not ripping you off! See us and we can help you understand what is needed from an SEO perspective.

Start today with an outsourced marketing department

Imagine having a fully functional marketing department managing all your marketing needs for just $3,000 per month? That is possible if you choose to have an experienced 'Marketing Eye' on your team. We help businesses from working out exactly what they need to do from a marketing perspective, through to ensuring that every area of their marketing strategy is implemented seamlessly.

Every week you will have a marketing meeting with your marketing manager, followed by a report on all marketing activities conducted that week, and marketing activations in the pipeline. Through ASANA technology, you will know exactly what Marketing Eye is working on at any given time, and what stages of completion each task is at.

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