Ready to start your own 'Marketing Eye'?

Own Your Own Marketing Agency

If you have the drive and determination to be successful and are looking for work-life balance as well as a healthy bank balance – then speak to Marketing Eye’s Founder today.

Your Marketing Experience

To be considered, you will need to have at least 5 years' experience in marketing, with a focus on constant, relentless improvement as a marketer. While our marketing consulting firm will teach you how to have a 'Marketing Eye', the basic fundamentals and appropriate qualifications are essential.

Your Education Credentials

You are required to have a degree in marketing, communications or public relations, you will also need to be willing to commit to ongoing learning and development, to ensure that your clients receive the very best marketing advice to achieve their desired results.

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Profile of Licensee

Incredible drive to be successful
Dedication to learning and development
Strong skills in client management
Marketing career that is on the up
Love of social media
Work, life balance
Melissa Sharp
I first joined the Marketing Eye family as the manager responsible for running Marketing Eye’s Sydney office. Implementing Marketing Eye’s methods and training, I honed my craft as a marketer, and the Sydney office saw significant growth. The Licence opportunity with Marketing Eye was a natural progression in accomplishing a long held dream – to own my own business. Melissa Sharp Marketing Eye Brisbane