Marketing Workshop

Marketing Workshop

We conduct engaging marketing workshops, leaving you with a defined marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Engaging marketing workshops


At Marketing Eye, we have developed a new way of conducting powerful marketing workshops that will engage the entire team. Our marketing strategy designed by our expert marketing consultants can help you establish marketing goals and define your target audience, whilst navigating the tactical marketing outcomes required to be successful. We use engaging methods to get the best out of your team while ensuring that our marketing managers add value throughout the entire process.

Designed for Start-Up, Small and Medium-Sized Business Marketing

Our marketing consultancy firm specialises in working with a wide range of businesses. Our marketing managers work exclusively with start-up, small and medium-sized businesses. They know what questions to ask to get the best out of your team, easily identifying your business’ unique selling proposition and the key messaging required to clearly communicate what your business does, how you do it and why a prospect should choose your company over your competitors.

Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop


At Marketing Eye, our team of Marketing Managers conduct branding, marketing strategy, public relations and lead generation workshops. Our methodology includes gamification, profiling and brainstorming. Your team will leave with a defined way forward and actionable marketing calendars.


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Marketing Workshop Facilitation

All Marketing Eye workshops are conducted by our team of Marketing Managers capable of adding value to your participating team. We use collaborative exercises, gamification and creative brainstorming while keeping in mind the overarching requirements of your organisation.

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Our marketing consultancy is known for facilitating results-orientated marketing strategy workshops. Participants leave with a completed marketing strategy and plan, including a calendar clearly outlining the execution of the marketing strategy. This full-day marketing workshop can be conducted on-site or off-site and have up to 5 participants from your organisation. 

Lead generation workshops

At Marketing Eye, our marketing experts conduct comprehensive lead generation workshops helping your sales and marketing teams identify a process and system, along with supporting marketing materials for ongoing lead generation. This system ensures that leads are being generated at a steady rate and there is sufficient marketing material to support the lead generation process.

Purchase A Marketing Workshop

$ 1,950 Marketing Workshop
  • Defined business objectives
  • Defined priorities
  • Understanding of the market in general and impacts
  • A clear branding approach
  • SWOT analysis
  • Defined key marketing messages
  • Defined target markets
  • Defined appropriate marketing strategies
  • Defined appropriate marketing budget
$ 1,500 Public Relations Workshop
  • Media training
  • Development of public relations strategies
  • How to and how not to
  • Tips and tools
  • Setting of key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Writing a media release
  • Preparing a targeted media list
  • Pitching to the media
$ 1,500 Lead Generation Workshop
  • Writing of Direct Mail letters
  • Tips and tools
  • Setting of DM key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Selecting a database
  • Telemarketing/ appointment setting
  • Selecting an appropriate Direct Mail delivery method
  • CRM software
Todd Emmert
NSS has been working with Marketing Eye for over 3 years now. Marketing Eye looks after all our marketing needs. They have helped us develop our brand into the position it's in today and they support us with our marketing strategies to ensure that we are communicating effectively with our key stakeholders and customers, employees and for suppliers to ensure that they understand that as NSS grows what that means for them so that we can maximise value of the additional investments. Todd Emmert
Johnny Sukkar
I had been procrastinating about a new brand and logo for our business for over 2 years. When I finally decided to enlist help from the team at Marketing Eye, I wished I had done so a long time ago. Johnny Sukkar Mint Money
Jason Reading
After researching, viewing and meeting with a number Marketing Companies I found Mellissah, her team and their service offering to be far superior to any other. She is an extremely efficient professional with an enthusiastic personality to match. Jason Reading Comcity Technology