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When TikTok was created in 2016, no one could have expected it to become what it is today. It is now one of the most used social media platforms out. It is ranked as the 7th most popular social media platform in the world. There are over 1 billion monthly active users. While many companies believe that TikTok is still an app for dancing videos, it has become a lot bigger than that. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has been downloaded 3 billion times, gaining 383 million installs in the first half of 2021. It has become extremely critical that your company has an active presence on TikTok. Here are 5 ways your company can utilise TikTok marketing strategy to advance your growth.

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There are no two ways about it. Email marketing is one of the most popular, cost-effective and highest performing marketing channels currently available. A recent eMarketer study shows that the average ROI of email marketing is 122%. The ROI of email marketing is approximately four times higher than its next closest competitor. Every study shows us that email marketing is performing well and looks to remain the case for years to come.

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Lead generation is the process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into a customer. Lead generation plays a pivotal role in the success of professional services firms looking to grow through 2022; therefore, professional firms should not overlook its importance. Below are five ways that professional services firms can improve their lead generation capabilities.

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Friday, 03 September 2021

How COVID Changed Email Marketing

In the last decade, marketers have had to overcome a wide range of shifts in marketing and advertising strategies and take advantage of technological disruptions. However, the last year has fundamentally demonstrated the adaptability and effectiveness of digital marketing strategies on a whole new level. Given that the COVID-19 global pandemic has drastically transformed how we communicate and interact with each other, businesses are having to learn how to accommodate for the “new normal”. Although there is a long journey ahead in the road to recovery, extended lockdowns & the ongoing pandemic continues to push marketers to pursue steady and reliable strategies to engage and connect with consumers and companies alike. 

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In an increasingly competitive market, knowing how to execute an effective customer marketing strategy is critical. Your ability to retain current clients will determine the success or failure of your business. Moreover, customer marketing strategies play a central role when recruiting new customers and help to further foster loyalty and trust.

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As you're overtly aware, the marketing environment is constantly shifting and changing in response to the breakneck speed of commercial and cultural evolution. The way we all live has changed considerably in response to events like COVID-19, which have seen us spend a lot more time indoors and interacting in the digital space. For businesses, this creates a challenge, particularly when it comes to chasing leads and failing to make much needed conversions.

In response, more companies are pursuing a demand generation strategy, to build enthusiasm for a brand and its products, building a briefer list of qualified leads that are more likely to be converted into customers. If you’ve ever wondered about demand generation strategies or and why they’re important, you’re about to get a brief insight into why they’re more relevant than ever.

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No matter what your business is, having organic and invested customers is pivotal to the sustained success of your brand. However, as businesses continue to struggle for attention and sales in this new digital era, many are shifting their focus to enhancing their leads and expanding their online reach, which is now more crucial than ever before.

Businesses have no choice but to adapt to the changing marketing landscape and create higher quality leads, lead generation is becoming a fundamental strategy for companies that seek to grow in the future. But what makes a good lead generation strategy and how do you implement one? To help businesses formulate a robust lead generation strategy, we’ve created our list of the best marketing tactics for your lead generation campaign.

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It’s important to have a lead generation strategy more than ever to bring success to your business and capitalise fully on market opportunities. Does your business have an effective lead generation process?

The first question we get asked when a new prospect calls our marketing agency is "how do I get more leads?" The answer is simple: Have a B2B lead generation strategy in place and make sure you have the resources and budget to execute it.
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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Pietra Gallery - Natural Stone

Pietra Gallery is a Melbourne-based supplier of natural stone products which specialises in selecting and procuring natural stone from quarries around the world and supplying it within Australia. With extensive knowledge of an array natural stone quarries around the world, Pietra Gallery supplies world-class quality stones at a competitive rate. Pietra Gallery’s Melbourne Warehouse in Pakenham contains thousands of square meters of Natural Stones (Tiles and Slabs and Pavers) ready for immediate delivery.

The founder of Pietra Gallery reached out to Marketing Eye after viewing its numerous projects in the construction and interior design industries. Through Marketing Eye's marketing workshop, the company's marketing strategy was conceived. The company needed a fresh logo, which our Melbourne Marketing consultancy delivered by launching a redeveloped website. Using our expertise, we have helped to elevate Pietra Gallery’s online presence in addition to creating informative marketing collateral. One example is Marketing Eye’s brochure and buyer catalogue which detail Pietra Gallery’s exclusive offerings, creating better brand awareness and product understanding. 

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