Skill Testing For Marketers

Skill Testing For Marketers

Skill Testing for Marketers

How often do you, as a business, employ a new recruit and they have “sold” themselves in a job interview, only to find that their skill sets don’t stand up to expectations? At Marketing Eye, we have a skill testing mechanism that ensures that marketers have the expertise to do the job our marketing agency requires them to do at each of our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our holistic approach to ensuring that new hires have the right aptitude, psychological profile and skills to develop the right marketing strategy for you, will ensure that you have less turnover and a greater focus on “hitting the road running”. Through the skill testing process for marketing professionals, our outsourced marketing agency determines whether or not they have the skills required to do the job you are employing them to do, at the salary range you have agreed upon.

We cannot begin to tell you how many times we have asked a person in a job interview how they define both traditional and digital marketing only to find out that they are unable to do so. Other times, they talk about how great they are at writing, only to find that their ability to write communications pieces is limited, and attention to detail isn’t their forte. Click here to register and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss the skill testing process.

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