Fun, Cheeky, Professional

Our Culture

Marketing Eye has a team of expert marketing consultants located in offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Our employees are empowered to be themselves, share ideas, and make the most out of life - whether it's at work or at play. Each Marketing Eye employee is given the freedom to be themselves and achieve their dreams.

Believe you can do anything and you will

Our digital marketing team is only limited by their own imagination. We pride ourselves on being a marketing consulting firm that gives our team members the ability to grow as marketers, web developers, designers and publicists. The world is our oyster.

Empower people to give their best performance

Marketing Eye empowers their staff to give the best performance every time they deliver a marketing strategy to clients.

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Flat Organisational Structure

Our marketing consultancy firm consists of a flat organisational structure which allows for job-sharing and skill-sharing. Marketing Eye’s self-starting team members all collaborate and share ideas to get the best marketing results for their clients. It also ensures that the culture at Marketing Eye is safely in the hands of the team.

Learn and you will grow

Marketing Eye’s team believe in learning something new every day. Our digital marketing agency places great emphasis on ensuring that every marketing consultant, graphic designer, web developer, publicist, branding or social media expert leaves each office in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane each day with a new lesson learned.


Marketing Eye's team is always encouraged to think globally and act locally, that way we are doing everything in our power to make it a better place. That means being kind to everyone, going out of our way to do the right thing, caring about the environment, standing up for farmers, and saying no to animal cruelty.

Our On-boarding Process for Employees

We are unique in every way. You'll see.

Kris Poposki
I came to Marketing Eye in order to expand my knowledge in Graphics and gain valuable manager experience. I have been fortunate to work closely with the founder of the company Mellissah Smith. As a result, I learn a tremendous amount every day. Each work day presents a new, exciting challenge. The environment promotes critical thinking and creative enterprise as well as personal and professional. Kris Poposki
Christina Kortesis
Marketing Eye has an energetic team that is passionate about driving our client’s marketing and producing exceptional work. Christina Kortesis COO
Tina Vu
I’m given the flexibility to be a good parent, and be there for music lessons and every other part of my children’s lives, yet I get to make business and financial decisions as the chief Accountant at Marketing Eye Tina Vu CFO
Debra Sinclair
Marketing Eye cares. The culture is incredibly supportive, creative, innovative and forward-thinking. Debra Sinclair Senior Marketing Manager
Madeleine Sefton
The culture at Marketing Eye is brilliant – we have a team of incredibly talented, innovative, and driven individuals who balance hard work with equal amounts of fun, focus on ongoing professional development, and work collaboratively to transform brands. Madeleine Sefton Marketing Executive
Lewis Lambert
With no day the same, Marketing Eye is an exciting, forward-thinking and engaging workplace. With upper management invested in staff and their careers, support is a major pillar of the culture here. Lewis Lambert Visual Marketer
Wendy Ngo
I’m happy here. People listen to what I have to say. It’s just like my second family. I love that my opinion counts. Wendy Ngo Accountant/Data Scientist
Mellissah Smith
With a flat organisation and no management, it’s refreshing to see ideas freely flowing with no limitations other than people’s imagination. Mellissah Smith Founder
Ethan Perry
Marketing Eye breeds a culture of teamwork, building each other up as a team and backing their employees. They strongly believe in investing and developing their employees which to me, is an invaluable quality. Ethan Perry Marketing Executive
Sophia Mero
The Marketing Eye office is an energetic, supportive and welcoming environment. We are encouraged to think creatively, and to become the best marketers, developers, managers and designers we can be. Sophia Mero
Amanda Moncur
The positive atmosphere at Marketing Eye is driven by its passionate employees who support each other to achieve goals to the best of their ability. The nurturing workplace provides us with opportunities to learn and grow within a fun, uplifting team environment. Amanda Moncur Graphic Designer

Culture Ambassadors

At Marketing Eye our culture ambassadors take their roles seriously!

Alice aa

Alice Crichton

Marketing Executive

All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) all around boring people. Which is why, Alice is in control of ensuring everyone is loved and having fun while working. From coordinating the 'world's yummiest lunches' (so serious) to leading impromptu photoshoots, the Marketing Eye culture is in safe hands.

Brandon Sq aa

Brandon Reviere

Art Director

I've been apart of the Marketing Eye Atlanta office since the start and am in control of the champagne, community lunches, team lunches, the in-house shoe police and in general the person responsible for making sure that our team stays excited about working for this cool brand that has taken Atlanta by storm.

What we do

Marketing Eye act as your outsourced marketing department. Whether you need a marketing consultant to look after all your marketing needs or a ‘marketing eye’ to watch over a single campaign our consultants will get the job done. Our team of in-house marketers, graphic designers, web developers, social media specialist, public relations personnel, publishing and digital experts across each of our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane offices are extraordinary to work with and focus on delivering the best results for you and your business.

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    Marketing STRATEGY
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    Public Relations and Content Management
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    Lead Generation
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