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Content marketing focuses on creating relevant and valuable content for a targeted audience. A content contributor can submit their content to an organisation, adding value to its blog by providing a wider variety in both style and content. A contributor not only aims to provide value to the publisher but to build awareness around their own public profile.

What’s in it for the content contributor? 

By putting your content on another site, you can expand your reach to relevant consumers. You can attract new audiences to your own site and gain exposure in your desired field. If you are commenting on something you are knowledgeable in, you could be seen as an expert in your field.

10 blogs that encourage content contributors 

  1. Jeff Bullas 

Jeff Bullas is a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and top Social Marketing Talent. Bullas is a true advocate for content marketing, having come out with his own guide for Content Marketing for Small Businesses. His reason? When done right, content marketing can inform, educate, entertain, inspire, and encourage customers to discover you. Trust you and buy from you.

To be a guest blogger on, you must write about something you are passionate about and experienced in. The types of topics the community expects to see include; social media, digital marketing, marketing, digital technology for business, entrepreneurship, start-ups, growth marketing and content marketing. It should be compelling, unique and have an element of surprise. Read more here:

  1. Huffington Post

HuffPost Personal is a place where content contributors can submit their personal stories. HuffPost outlines that these stories must be “original, authentic, compelling and told in the first person.” They are looking for distinctive points of view from people of diverse backgrounds. Therefore, ensuring their content is noteworthy, persuasive and compelling to the reader.

If you are interested in submitting to HuffPost Personal, see this guide written by John E Lincoln:

  1. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is an online platform that provides training programs, online events, conferences and free resources to help drive business results. MarketingProfs focus on enterprise B2B marketing-related content. It is expected that content contributors create pieces in the form of “how-to” articles, summaries of research findings, thought-leadership articles or infographics. Above all, the piece must be original, with practical, actionable and useful advice. They like to keep it fresh with an approachable tone.  

If you have experience in enterprise B2B marketing and would like to publish an article, find out more here:

  1. Robotic Marketer 

Robotic Marketer is a revolutionary marketing software that utilises artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data to transform your business goals into a marketing strategy.  

Robotic Marketer encourages content contributors to explore anything to do with the future and evolution of marketing. Whether it be to discuss start-ups, artificial intelligence, robotics, technology, data mining, big data or futurism, Robotic Marketer is the place to do it. The site is looking for either reported stories, guest posts or opinion pieces.

To find out more see here:

  1. Forbes 

Forbes is a well-respected media platform with a reach of over 140 million people. The online media arm of Forbes primarily focuses on lifestyle, business, personal finance, and marketing topics, though they commonly publish outside of these areas. The Forbes Contributor Program allows contributors to discuss unique insights and experience into their field of expertise. Contributing to Forbes means the writer can leverage Forbe’s readership, SEO positioning and social media following to develop their own profile.

To become a contributor at Forbes, ensure you identify your niche and have interesting, well-written content in various reputable places prior to sending in your application. 

Find out more here:

  1. Fast Company 

Fast Company is the world’s leading business media brand, with an emphasis on innovation in technology, leadership, world-changing ideas, creativity, and design. Fast Company features a ‘Work Life’ section, which selectively accepts contributions from industry professionals. They look for pieces that sound like a person has written them with passion, introduces new ideas and start conversations around trends that will engage readers. They enjoy lively and polished writing that is balanced by being fun and memorable.

To find out more, read this article:

  1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a magazine and website that carries stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business, reaching millions each month. The organisation is seeking solutions, new ideas and inspiration. They make it clear that they want the content contributor’s thoughts, experiences and problem-solving techniques (not someone else’s).

To appeal to Entrepreneur, be distinctive in your angle, be narrow in your approach and provide useful information. Avoid overly promotional content, paid links or mentions, previously published news and interviews & quotes. Read more about Entrepreneur’s guidelines here:


  1. Business Insider

Business Insider covers business news in exciting ways, intending to be informative, concise and fun. Business Insider will accept one-off posts from content contributors if it fits seamlessly within their bounds; including business news, tech, finance, politics, transportation, retail, strategy, and executive lifestyle. They are looking for unique and thoughtful analysis that has engaging commentary and authoritative advice. They tend to look for high-profile experts and thought leaders to share their advice.

If this is you, find out more here:  


  1. Inc Magazine 

Inc is a well-respected advocate for small business and entrepreneurial success. The site is dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, aiming to deliver real solutions for innovative company builders. They currently have a monthly reach of over 25 million. Inc will only accept contributions if you plan on writing for them for at least six months; they do not publish once-off articles.

In your application to them, Inc want to know who you are, why you’d make an excellent contributor, what you’d like to write about, a list of headlines you’d like to write for them and one of your sample articles. Find out more here:

  1. Mashable

Mashable is a global source for engaging and exciting tech, digital culture and entertainment content. Providing an analysis of trends and reviews of new websites to their monthly audience of over 40 million, Mashable is a central place for all new. Their audience includes early adopters, social media enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies and technology journalists.

To submit your work click here:  

Content marketing through blogs remains one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience and build your professional profile. There are readers out there waiting to hear your story, and connect with you on your expertise, take the leap and give it a go.


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The marketing industry is a difficult yet rewarding industry if you’re able to push your way through the challenging requirements for your marketing strategy to become successful. It’s common for marketing professional to have experienced failure before they’ve been able to succeed in the industry. Even the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure before becoming successful. 

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The marketing industry has irrevocably changed to a point that no-one can predict how far technology will go in replacing marketing professionals in part, in completely over the next 10 years. The 'fear of God' has led to many marketers choosing other paths as the reliability of the marketing profession is no longer a safe bet.
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I’ve seen my external accountant twice in 10 years – which says a lot about how accounting firms communicate with their customers.

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While ‘post COVID’ is a little premature, the current sentiment in the market really lends itself to thinking about what a career in marketing looks like today.

In the past, there was almost a sure ride from marketing intern to marketing graduate, then depending on which direction you decided to head, a slow ride through from Marketing Executive to Marketing Manager. For the lucky few (those who worked the hardest), Chief Marketing Officer or as we like to call it, CMO.

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When I started out in marketing, I worried that I wasn’t extraverted enough, wasn’t fashionable and preferred a good book over a cocktail party.

Since then, marketing has changed and the ‘nerdier’ marketers are fast becoming the rock stars due to results they derive for their clients, and the ‘fashionable’ lot are seen more as events specialists or publicists. Now, that’s a stereotype, of course, but the gist of it is that things have changed over the past three decades and what was once considered to be ‘cool’ is no longer the case.

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It’s important to have a lead generation strategy more than ever to bring success to your business and capitalise fully on market opportunities. Does your business have an effective lead generation process?

For years, I kept my business strategy in my head. It was a reliable place to keep it, or at least I thought. My memory is fairly decent when it comes to things that matter and reaching my business goals – matters. 

With our marketing plan, that was another story. Writing it down is what we do, and we know that it is the only way to achieve marketing goals, aligning the sales function with marketing tactics that derive results.

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“Marketing’s job is never done. It is about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.”

It’s common knowledge that internships are an essential rite of passage for any professional looking to go somewhere in their career. Most students understand the value of getting into a good internship program and its benefit towards understanding where your interests lie and securing your dream role.

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Friday, 09 April 2021 13:58

Why your Business should use Twitter!

Twitter is often the forgotten social media platform and it’s the most important one. Twitter has 6,000 Tweets every second which reflects how active users are on Twitter and why your business should make an account today (if you don’t already have one).

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