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Before commencing my internship at Marketing Eye, I was at a loss of where I wanted to take my career. I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2020, majoring in media and communications, hoping to find a career in marketing down the track. However, I didn’t completely understand what a career in marketing or a media role would entail. At the end of 2020, I visited a careers counsellor, naively assuming that all my curiosity and fear going into a professional work environment would be miraculously cured. After the session, I did not feel as confident as I predicted I would.

At the beginning of 2021, I began my master’s in marketing and digital communications. I felt I had found my passion in marketing, however, when I was asked by friends or relatives what exactly I would desire to do in my marketing career, I felt still quite unsure what I would exactly be hoping to do. 

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In business, data is everything. It dictates every single decision that is made, big or small. This fact is becoming ever more apparent as businesses continue to embrace the digital age, employing the use of technology for everything from their marketing strategies, all the way through to their business platforms. Therefore, understanding what all this accumulated data means has never been more important. That’s why every marketing department needs a taxonomy specialist. A rather unknown role, in the marketing context, it is the taxonomy specialist’s job to group and organise data. 

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Tuesday, 30 November 2021

My experience at Marketing Eye

My luck can be encapsulated by Melbourne going into lockdown a week before the start of my first ever internship. Months of balancing coffee on the train while commuting to South Yarra and belly-laughs of office banter flashed past before my eyes. I reached out to one of the consultants to ask whether my internship would be put on hold for the duration of the lockdown with fingers crossed that I wouldn’t be missing out on the “full experience”. Of course, marketing efforts cannot be stagnated just because of Covid-19 restrictions so the internship would still proceed but truth be told – I was absolutely devasted. In a way though, this internship at Marketing Eye seemed to be the silver lining throughout the lengthy consecutive months of lockdown. 

I had been on the search for an internship within the rather large realm of marketing and while I hadn’t quite found the niche I wanted to settle in – there was a charm about interning for an out-sourced marketing team. By working for Marketing Eye, I was able to experience an array of clients and the different needs they needed to be met. Tech companies to health insurance companies – you name it, and I have had some sort of experience within the industry. This allowed me to have a more varied experience - allowing me to learn more across industries whilst still strengthening my foundational marketing knowledge. 

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In 2018 alone, 124.5 billion business emails were sent globally each day. This figure has only risen in the years since. Hence, email direct marketing is currently the most popular, cost-effective and highest performing marketing channel currently available, offering companies a direct line to the consumers. However, with so many emails inundating consumers’ inboxes, it is crucial that your emails stand out from the crowd. Therefore, curating effective content is key.

Here are 6 ways that you can write effective content for email direct marketing:

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Public relations (PR), at its core, is applied communications. It is much more than accounting, legal, management consulting, and financial planning firms - it is arguably the most important facet for any professional services firm.

Reputation is essential to acquiring customers. This is particularly important as professional services uphold a common identity and are regulated by tradition and a code of ethics. Therefore, from a customer’s perspective, the customer value is in the form of the benefits they receive relative to the costs they give up. What happens when the service is unable to meet customer expectations? This can bring implications for a firm’s reputation if clients feel they no longer want to seek your services.

Professional services firms are quite reliant on ‘human talent’; it is what allows them to increase loyalty and therefore, retention. However, incorporating public relations into your firm will retain your clients and improve profitability.

What can public relations do for your firm? Here are 5 ways: 

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As digital technology continues to transform the ways in which industries work globally, we must keep up with the emerging trends. Professional Services are no exception to this. As an industry that has traditionally flourished off old fashioned marketing techniques such as: Relationship Marketing, Traditional Marketing Channels and Telemarketing, these firms have been forced to modify their marketing schemes to fit the more effective and modern marketing techniques. In the ever expanding digital world, having an effective digital strategy will not only establish your firm in the competitive online landscape, but also allows you to build a strong impression and relationship with prospective customers and clients. 

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Marketing strategy scholars have contended that dynamic capabilities such as adaptability, integration, and deployment of organizational capital assist firms in becoming more aligned with their evolving business environments. With its ability to provide a source of competitive advantage, marketing strategy substantially influences market performance.

Marketing strategy is a construct that provides clear, realistic, and measurable marketing objectives. It is essential to the practice of marketing.

Continue reading to find out 5 key ways marketing strategy adds value to your professional services firm: 

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Brand consistency refers to the delivery of company messaging through time that is consistent with the brand's identity, values, and strategy. Every company should seek to be instantly recognised by its target market. It not only aids in the formation of a strong link between your key messages, values, and your brand's visual features, but it also distinguishes your brand from the competitors.  

Read on further to learn about 5 Reasons Why Consistent Branding is Essential for Professional Services Firms.

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As I come to the end of my internship with Marketing Eye at their Melbourne office, I’ve finally been able to take the time and reflect on the skills that I have obtained and the knowledge I have gathered along the way. As a university student in their penultimate year, I was faced with the decision of what career I wanted to do once I graduated.

Marketing has always been a passion and interest of mine and I was so excited when I saw an internship opportunity available at Marketing Eye. The application process was very straightforward and I was invited to join the team for a few months after a phone interview with one of the marketing specialists. I will never be happier with my decision to intern at Marketing Eye as the experience I’ve obtained will enable me to approach future jobs with not only more confidence but more ability as well.

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Friday, 15 October 2021

My Internship at Marketing Eye

Reflecting back on my time as an intern at Marketing Eye, I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge and skills I have obtained from this journey.

Before Marketing Eye, I had worked under one other marketing internship position. Although the titles were very similar, the work was vastly different. My role at Marketing Eye pushed me to work individually and hold greater accountability for my work. My greatest challenge initially (as my supervising marketing executives can attest to) was finishing my tasks within the recommended timeframe. Previously, I had worked in a team to complete a blog post and we were given several days. However, Marketing Eye pushed my ability to complete blog posts by myself, within at least a day. Initially, I could not comprehend finishing a blog post within a couple of hours as I would agonise and perfect each sentence as I went; making sure that each line was perfect. 

I eventually learned that this is an ineffective way to approach my tasks.

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