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5 Hacks every marketer should know

5 Hacks every marketer should know

Every marketer has tricks up their sleeve. If they didn't, they are not trying hard enough. Having been a marketing consultant for many years, I have had the pleasure of rolling up my sleeve and showing the world (well, mostly people in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney) how they too can use some of the tricks of the trade to accelerate their marketing reach.

When I have time, I try and use the following fool proof marketing hacks (that quite frankly every marketer should know) to stand out from the crowd and deliver greater marketing and sales performance:

Alexa Pro

Find out what keywords you should be using, who is out-competiting you and where, what your competitors backlinks, keywords and rankings are and almost anything else you need to know to beat your competitors with online searches. It's not expensive and is a no-brainer.

Build your database on LinkedIn

All you have to do is connect with everyone that is recommended through LinkedIn's artificial intelligence platform and search for people that work in positions in organisations that you want to do business with. Before long your database will have 20,000 quality leads that you can start direct marketing to.

Do op-ed's on highly ranked websites

That's guest posts, editorials and sponsored content on popular websites that drive traffic through backlinks to your website.

Speak at an industry association or anywhere that has a huge database

Basically organisations, associations or any place that has a huge database will provide you with free advertising and links to your website. This traffic is invaluable for increasing your search rankings.

Be outspoken or provocative in some way

Maximise your exposure globally by being controversial. If you say what everyone else is saying, then expect to not stand out from the crowd. Have an opinion that is backed by some sort of reason and push it out into the market. You will be surprised at what you are able to achieve.

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  • Eleonore
    05 Nov 2018

    It's always important to improve and to learn new things to be successful in life. However, I really enjoyed reading this post and to see which hacks are important to stand out and achieve a competitive advantage.