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10 Blogs that every marketer subscribes to

10 Blogs that every marketer subscribes to

If you are time poor just like me, then where you spend your time obtaining information that helps your career or business is critically important. Time is money and if a blog fails to meet your expectations, chances are that it won't get a second sighting.

There are a number of blogs that consistently bring out not just headline grabbing content, but information that assists marketers in excelerating their capabilities for their clients or the businesses they work in.

The top 10 marketing blogs that really have me excited are:


Still going strong... you can be guaranteed that the quality of content is high and that the headlines are not just click bait. Topics vary from marketing to technology, video and mobile, and everything else in between. You will see the latest in marketing and advertising campaigns, along with really cool ideas that other entrepreneurs have come up with.


Over the past few years Hootsuite has been able to capture the mindset of marketers around the world through content. While their platform simply disseminates content on social media platforms, it's their own use of content that really draws you in and other companies in the same space have not yet been able to quite make this work. 

Marketing Land

A stable for most marketers for sure, Marketing Land constantly brings out quality content with great examples on how companies can use marketing to feed their sales funnel.


Unbounce is another company whose resources go far and wide. What this blog teaches you about landing pages and conversions is only second to it's hero tool 'the landing page analyzer' and video webinars, virtual events and expert interviews.

Buffer Social

The Buffer APP  Buffer app is a popular part of the social media tool arsenal with the company practising what it preaches.Their blog is packed with great advice, useful insightful tips and powerful strategies to help any business succeed at social media marketing.

Social Media Today

Social Media Today solves all your social media problems. Social Media Today offers details on content marketing, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and strategic ways to use social media as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Oglivy and Mather

This agency has moved with the times and stayed relevant. Their blog content is interesting and tackles real world advertising and marketing, with a little controversy. It's light reading and won't teach you anything in particular, but it will inspire you to do more with what you have.


The Moz blog is one of the coolest blogs you will find on the internet,\; from their infamous Beginner’s Guide to SEO to the hundreds of Whiteboard Friday video tutorials that made Fishkin’s signature mustache so recognizable to marketers all over the world. Moz experiments with different content types, showing in addition to telling visitors how great content can power marketing blogs – and software companies.

Marketing Profs

MarketingProfs is every marketers go-to source for all things marketing: from digital trends (content, SEO, social media, AI, VR) to marketing fundamentals like pricing, segmentation, and strategy. Their online seminars, podcasts, and training solutions have hundreds of thousands of subscribers - for a reason.

Marketing Eye

If you are looking for a mixture of cutting edge technology based marketing through to entrepreneurship and marketing strategies, then this blog is guaranteed to please. With various writers, the blog offers a mixture of 'how to do marketing' with real life examples and experiences. It's an easy read with your coffee.

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  • Eleonore
    05 Nov 2018

    Interesting to read that there are other good blogs to follow. This post surely arouse my interest to read more marketing blogs and to learn more about this field.

  • Natsumi Otera
    Natsumi Otera
    29 Oct 2018

    I've never heard all marketing blogs except for Marketing Eye, so I'm surprised that there are a lot of site for marketing, and also i think marketing is various kind of field. When I face difficulties about marketing, I will look these site.

  • Michelle
    26 Oct 2018

    Great article Mellissah,

    I love your insights, very informative!


  • Charlotte
    24 Oct 2018

    I've been looking for more blogs to follow! I'll definitely be getting into these!