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As the End of Financial Year (EOFY) approaches, it's a crucial time for you, as a business owner, to reflect on the past year's growth, challenges and opportunities. Among the various aspects of business management, marketing is most likely to come up as a critical area fraught with uncertainty and inefficiency.

Are you spending too much without clear returns? Is your marketing strategy scalable and responsive to change? Do you find yourself grappling with these questions preparing for the new fiscal year?

You are not alone. EOFY is a time for reflections and reconsiderations, especially when it comes to business decisions. Before you move ahead to ‘fix’ everything that you think went wrong, take a moment to read the rest of this blog.

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Baltimore has never been more prelevant than it is today due to the tragedy of a ship hitting the Maryland Bridge. As businesses pick themselves up from this sheer devastation, many are looking to new strategies on how to not only build businesses but expand. With that, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the marketing environment through companies like C-360 Agency in Baltimore is opening up the eyes of businesses to where the potential lies ahead. In Baltimore, a city noted for its vibrant economic environment and innovative spirit, artificial intelligence is redefining the foundations of marketing strategies and tactics, giving a competitive edge that may not have been realized previously.

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Developing a robust marketing strategy is pivotal for any business aiming to thrive in today's competitive landscape. The timing of this strategy development plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. In this blog, we explore the ideal timeframe for planning a marketing strategy and the advantages of leveraging AI tools like Robotic Marketer for this process.

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With people rushing, brainstorming new ideas, exploring and discussing the latest marketing trends, while some are lost in thoughts, it's a vibrant blend of personalities, creating a colorful and exciting atmosphere. Every corner, every desk, tells a story of a different mind at work. Over my years in this dynamic realm, I've danced with various marketing maestros and learned that while our field thrives on diversity, certain personalities pop up more frequently than others. Let me take you on a journey through my experiences with these fascinating folks.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic shift in the way businesses operate, thrusting them into the realm of remote work. As this new paradigm becomes the norm, the world of marketing has not been spared from its effects. However, amidst the transition to remote work, companies are encountering a significant challenge when it comes to hiring marketers.

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Last night, as I sat at the Grand Hyatt Hotel bar waiting for my meal, I started to chat to the gentleman beside me.

He shared that he was retiring the next day and had been head of Sales for a financial services firm for the past 6 years. Immediately, I knew that it was the perfect time to ask him questions about how sales and marketing works together.

I’m an introvert. I know for many that see me on a stage or greeting a new employee, it must be a shock and hard to fathom, but it’s a fact and here’s why.

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Marketing is an overarching area that infiltrates all areas of our lives and provides us with a greater insight into the human psyche and trends prevalent throughout society. Working at an outsourced marketing agency has provided me with an abundance of experience and information about the business world, that will translate throughout the rest of my career.

During my time as a marketing intern for Marketing Eye, I have had the privilege of receiving real-life work experience and utilising all the tools I have received at university in real-life applications. Not only have I learnt a great deal about marketing, but I have learnt even more about myself and my capabilities in taking on new challenges and roles.

Reflecting on my experience, today I’ll be talking about the 5 most important lessons I learned during my first internship, working for an outsourced marketing agency.

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So, you have graduated. Congratulations! Now, you have to find a job – or do you?

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Thursday, 03 December 2020

A Holly Jolie Christmas Adventure

Marketing Eye’s Melbourne office has not been back for long, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been an eventful return to work already…

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