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Marketing Eye Melbourne has gone ballistic with 15 new client wins per month

Marketing Eye Melbourne has gone ballistic with 15 new client wins per month

Companies put in place inside sales models to excelerate sales performance. The problem with this is that when it actually occurs, you need to be prepared. That means having all the systems and processes in place to take on new clients and onboard them in a manner that keeps them engaged long after signing the contract.

Marketing Eye has a well-documented strategy. We work with a flat organizational structure with no defined hierarchy, just a team of self starters and people capable of making a difference to the businesses in which they work.

We collaborate our efforts and always work using a team approach preferring to hire all fulltime employees rather than bring teams of people together that are not able to collaborate at the same level as an internal team may be able to do so.

At present, we have somehow got it right. That means our team has the right people to take our business forward. Marketing consultancy is ever-changing, dynamic and requires people to be "on the ball". 

We give them the right training and brand to excel at being marketing consultants and marketing managers our clients.

But we have a problem...

Marketing Eye has grown at an alarming rate. Due to the talents of our inside sales executives and web development teams, our phone rings off the hook. We pick and choose the right clients for our business where we can achieve optimum results. Our clients know that if we choose them, as much as they choose us, then their business is going to kick some serious goals.

With 15 new client acquisitions a month expected in our Melbourne office leading up to end of financial year, we have to really focus our efforts on hiring and training the right people. 

Marketing Eye's culture is fun; we know how to "take the piss"

You only hear bad things from people that have been fired or encouraged to leave. If you spoke to any of our people who work at Marketing Eye across any of our locations, I am sure you will find a team of people who love their jobs, love their clients and love our brand as much as I do. Culture is everything. For the girls, that means absolutely no gossiping, but definitely feel free to say what you want, when you want - as long as it is kind or constructive. We like to have lunch together, but this is not a must. It tends to be the time where we really get to know each other and appreciate each other's stories and experiences. At work, we definitely would all be considered hard workers - afterall, it is marketing consulting and there is always something to do.

As a fast-growth company, we are onboarding new clients daily. They all work with us for 12 months and require a lot of things upfront. We accomodate this requirement because we know that there are downtimes throughout the year like Christmas, where we all can catch our breathe. 

We are needing to now focus on recruiting more people onboarding marketing managers, marketing executives, graphic designers and inside sales executives each month. It's quite daunting to think that as a business, our business is as much about recruiting as it is about acquiring new clients. With marketing, its hard because most marketers start at Marketing Eye and don't have the skills to be client facing. They are great at one or two areas, but not across the entire marketing mix.

4 Jobs Need Filling

We have four key jobs that need filling and over the next four months, we envisage hiring an additional 10 people in Melbourne alone. Our Sydney office needs a Marketing Executive and Inside Sales Executive. Melbourne today needs to hire a Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Inside Sales Executive and Graphic Designer. 

If you know of anyone that would fit the Marketing Eye brand, let me know. We want to work with people who aspire to be the best. Marketing Eye trains its people to a standard of excellence, unsurpassed in small business marketing - so there are lots of advantages of working as part of our team.

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