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How a YPO meet helped with business focus

How a YPO meet helped with business focus

I have been back in Australia for a week and it really has been an incredible experience in so many ways.

I feel more "entrepreneurial" than at any point in the past 12-months which is hard to believe given that Marketing Eye continues to grow, innovate, expand and further cement its position as a world-leading SMB marketing company and this journey is something that I live with every single day.

After getting off the plane from Los Angeles, I have moved into a house, employed new people to our expanding team, sold a Marketing Eye license in Australia, finalised our next magazine as well as signing a deal to put it on the shelf in newsagencies and airports, almost finished my book, signed to become a Certified Partner of Marketo, and networked with some of the world's leading business brains.

It's amazing what you can fit into a week if you never say no to anything.

Last night was particularly pertinent. I was out at a YPO function and I connect with some seriously smart entrepreneurs and CEO's. I was inspired not only by their business acumen, but also their energy and commitment to their families. Energy powers energy and to be surrounded by people that are smarter and more successful than yourself, is a privilege.

I want to be better at what I do and to do that I have to keep learning and growing. The best people to learn from are the those who have "been there and done that".

Working "on" the business and not "in" the business is critical to taking a business to the next level. There is never a shortage of things to do in a company, and too often entrepreneurs are faced with the crippling task of deciding whether the client who has a problem needs them, or whether or not someone else can handle the issue for them. Many entrepreneurs believe that only they can do some of the jobs that are required to be done in a business well. But the truth is that 80% will actually do and you would be surprised how competent people are when you leave it up to them to make their own mistakes.

In the next month, there are many changes being made to Marketing Eye's business. They are all complementary to the existing business modelling but will take our business to the next level. Our investment in technology is pivotal to growing the business to the next level and will help our clients be more effective in their marketing.

My main focus in April is on:
  • Onboarding two new Marketing Eye licensing owners
  • Hiring 5 new people to expand our Marketing Eye team in Australia
  • Hiring 2 new people to expand our Marketing Eye team in Atlanta
  • Working closely with the Dallas licensee Tracy Moore
  • Increasing monthly revenue by 60% for the last quarter of the Australian financial year
  • Promoting the Marketing Eye Magazine that will be on the shelf at a newsagency new you in the upcoming weeks
  • Conducting a webinar for Marketing Eye licensing
  • Writing my speech for CEBIT 2015 on marketing automation
  • Ensuring that each of our offices remain positive and full of energy, taking our clients businesses to the next level

What's your focus?

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