Marketing Eye

At Marketing Eye there is no end goal; our company thrives on growth and our culture is the fuel that propels us forward.

We are a team of self-motivated individuals who share the passion for colouring outside the lines to create something new and exciting for our clients.  We aim to stand out from other marketing consultancy firms.  Every.  Single.  Time.

We fight the status quo daily to deliver an extraordinary service to our clients - small businesses, medium sized businesses and beyond.

We are not a suit and tie outfit; we’re all the colours and styles in between.  That is why the colour blue is significant in our office; blue represents power, integrity, knowledge and confidence.  It also reminds us that we forge our own path.  Most companies wear black, because that is the standard.  We challenge everything; you can’t afford to be ordinary when you’re trying to achieve the extraordinary.  

Our unique approach to marketing is referenced in the consistent evolution of the company; we grow with our clients and they benefit from every milestone we reach, the knowledge we gain and the expertise we build on every day.

Internally, we have a culture that is unlike any other marketing consultancy firm.  We encourage everyone in our office; from our Marketing Managers to our interns to push one another to do the best they can do.  We don't step on eggshells, we egg each other on.  We don't push each other so hard that we fall, we encourage each other just enough to sway a little, wonder whether we will lose our footing, then pump ourselves up enough to plant our feet firmly on the ground and get on with the job.

Marketing Eye is a specialist in an industry of generalists.  Our culture was born on the firm foundation on which our company is built, and we are fuelled by our exponential growth and most importantly, the possibilities we envision for our clients.

Staying motivated is part of our ambition and we do this by challenging each other to be our best. We train and expose our team to things that are extraordinary, giving glimpses to the levels we want and can achieve. 

Every person on our team is imperative to the success of our clients success and as such, we each take responsibility in ensuring that we "have each other's backs". It's imperative to what we do and as we continue to grow bigger than our dreams, you will too - that's a guarantee. 

Our marketing, technology and creative teams in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are established, creative, forward-thinking and have an ability to see things that other's don't. They are not restricted by conformity and are encouraged to be themselves - something that few companies have ever been able to achieve.

Marketing Eye won't be for everyone and its hard work, fast paced and there is never a minute idle - but for the careered marketer, creative designer or technology geek - we are a place that you may want to call home, at least for 8 hours a day.

Some things you may like to know:

  • Unlimited holidays as long as the client is happy and your work is easily transferred to other capable marketers, designers and web professionals
  • Brainstorming and ongoing education is part of how we ensure that our people are always performing at the highest level. 
  • Ongoing education means that you can attend webinars and seminars and surf the net 
  • We don't believe in overtime unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Clients are king, and we do everything to ensure that they are happy campers
  • If you are having a bad day, we will try and cheer you up - because your happiness means the world to us
  • We are always innovating, improving the way we do business and coming up with some very cool ideas - and we hope you are able to bring a few of your own to the table

Things that we don't compromise on:

  • We have a no lying policy - you lie, you're out. Simple.
  • Sick days are for sick people. If you don't feel like coming to work because you have had a big night, or feel like a rest, take a holiday.
  • Kindness is everything. Be kind to each other always.
  • If we have an event or celebration as a team - it's compulsory. These things build culture and mean everything to the organisation. A good culture, means a high performing company - simple.
  • Feeling entitled only works if you are an outstanding employee, who brings in the big bucks. If you come to us with the mathematics all in line, you will be paid and rewarded accordingly - but don't just walk around feeling entitled. No-one here will care, and you will lose everyone's respect fast.
  • You will be given opportunities of a lifetime. Don't expect just because we fly you to the US for a month, that you will get that every year. Appreciate the opportunity and make the most of it - but don't feel entitled once again, that this is something that will happen time and time again.
  • Your colleagues are your friends. You need to have their back and be nice. That means a zero gossiping tolerance, and an ability to apologise when need be.

For more information or a copy of our Culture Book, please contact us. We love sharing our unique culture and fun loving attitude to how we do things.