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Thursday, 09 September 2021 16:33

Where Do We Go After COVID?

Where do we go after COVID?

What does it mean to live a life 'after' COVID? As the economic climate worldwide has failed to remain constant for more than a few days, businesses have been forced to adapt like never before.

With all the uncertainties around the world, one thing is certain; COVID-19 has dramatically shaped the marketing world we now co-exist with. In a survey conducted by the CMO, 72% of marketing leaders claimed the importance of marketing had increased in the last year.

As challenges within the business world continue to rise, opportunities of equal quantities also surface, each an opportunity for marketers to capitalise upon.

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Tuesday, 07 September 2021 09:00

6 Non-Digital Marketing Tactics That Still Work

Digital marketing has exponentially become the marketing tactic of choice for businesses of all sizes.

Due to the rise in popularity of social media and e-commerce, traditional marketing tactics have become increasingly less popular. Although there are many advantages to using digital media, employing a mixed marketing strategy, combining digital and traditional marketing tactics, can optimize the reach of your brand message to your customer. To ensure your business's name is cutting through the noise and standing out to your potential customers, we have compiled a list of 6 Non-Digital Marketing Tactics that still work, even in the 21st century.

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Wednesday, 01 September 2021 21:00

How to Promote Your Business Online for Free

Why would anyone buy your product? Why is it better than your competitors? Where can it be bought? What value can it really provide? You might have the answers to these questions, ready and available, but it counts for nothing if you can't project your voice loud enough for customers to hear it.  

With nearly 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook stands as one of the most far-reaching platforms available to your brand. By creating a Facebook page for your business, you create an avenue to accessing this huge market audience, for the mere cost of 1 hour of your time.

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COVID-19 has redirected people’s lifestyles with changes to the traditional office routine. So how do you stay focused on overcoming new problems while maintaining an efficient work schedule?

Marketing in a time like this requires adaptability and control over your time, performance, and productivity. Identifying the challenges facing your brand is the first step to overcoming the obstacles of marketing in these uncertain times. Here are some challenges you may be facing and ways to overcome them.

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The digital marketing space is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, with the constant development of new solutions and technologies to improve business marketing performance. In the arena of these new technologies, many marketers and small business owners may be asking themselves which solution is best fitted to their company. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to try and experiment with the latest and greatest advent in marketing. However, it’s been observed that traditional and more reliable methods consistently produce better results for businesses over time.

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It should come as no surprise that following the pandemic last year, e-commerce has had exponential growth. In 2020 alone, the cumulative value of retail e-commerce sales worldwide was 4.28 trillion USD and is expected to reach 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022.  The demographics of online customers are also shifting as it is not just Gen Z and millennials driving this growth, but also older shoppers.

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How can you optimize STP to achieve your marketing goals?

The process can be summarized by asking yourself the following questions.

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Marketing ensures greater success for your business goals and has always been an important aspect for companies wishing to excel in their industry. Small businesses generally have less staff, fewer resources, and a smaller budget which means reducing costs in areas where possible is essential.

There is no doubt more pressure on reducing budget due to the constant loom of COVID-19 over our heads. However, there are many ways to successfully market your small business that helps you outperform giants giving much more effective ROI. Here we have provided you with a quick marketing cheat sheet to running a cost-effect marketing strategy to get your business flourishing.

Tuesday, 03 August 2021 15:49

Defining marketing in a New Era

With the onset of the digital age, every aspect of the business has changed, with the introduction of digital technologies propelling marketing forward. Previously, marketers were limited in their ability to measure impact and analyse data, as they lacked the feedback across channels to gather these insights. Nowadays, the digital age has resulted in an influx of data that marketers can use to enhance their marketing strategies greatly. The efficacy of these digital technologies is evident in the transition to digital marketing, reflected by its accounting for more than 50 percent of global advertising spending in 2020.

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