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While B2B and B2C take different approaches to achieve their business goals, one thing they have in common is that whether it's businesses or end customers, they are both communicating with people. People socialize, and online social media platforms allow them to get connected without time and geography constraints. As is known to all, 2 years of the pandemic has entirely changed the world, more specifically, the way we live, and how things function have gone more digital. Statistics show, by 2025 the number of American online shoppers is expected to reach 291.2 million, which translates into about 88% of the U.S. population. 

B2B social media marketing in this case sees no exception. B2B's buying journey doesn’t end after visiting the website and checking the price. Moreover, 84% of B2B executives claim that they use social media to make their purchase decisions while 72% of B2B buyers research products on social media. In 2022, the demand for B2B companies to craft their social media marketing is growing higher than ever. Putting your brands out there and propelling the transitions can promise your businesses a more recognized and engaged future. 

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Friday, 14 January 2022

My Experience at Marketing Eye

As a recent graduate, accumulating professional work experience in my final year of university has been critical in shaping my career path. Undertaking an internship during the pandemic was difficult, to say the least, but I was so fortunate to have had this learning experience with Marketing Eye. The marketing internship provided me the opportunity to explore more about content marketing, which has been useful in helping me become the marketer I aspire to be!

Located on a bustling street in Hawksburn, this 12-week internship program allowed me to intern in a distinctly modern and vibrant terrace-style building. Despite being unable to work physically in the office in the early stages of the program, the team at Marketing Eye was supportive and was quick to respond to any questions I had while I interned online. When I had the chance to go into the office for the first time, I noticed that Marketing Eye’s culture was focused on friendliness and a strong work ethic, which inspired me to work equally as hard as them. Working alongside the marketing executives has not only helped me strengthen my resume but has also built confidence in my writing skills. 

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In an era of tough local competition and aggressive start-ups, every business wants to gain an upper hand over its competitors. However, imitating your competitors is never a good way to beat your competition. Instead, it can frustrate business owners and confuse customers. Whether you’re currently in the process of starting a new business or already owning one, having a strong online presence is vital for your brand. 

The marketing community is always coming up with ways to increase their customer base and market share, and with more businesses resorting to marketing strategies, having readily available and up-to-date information can optimize the business’ overall success. In relation to call-to-action (CTA), promoting your products and services requires the assistance of persuasive tactics. 

Here are five persuasive marketing tactics that can prompt action:

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It's fair to say that the last two years have presented small businesses worldwide with their fair share of challenges. Many of Australia's small business owners have been unable to financially stand on their own two feet, requiring monetary support from the government, which hasn't always been available. While initially the challenge mainly lied in the form of financial hardship, the focus has now shifted towards the healthcare system's capacity and protecting vulnerable people. While the government has continued to change the testing requirements, placing increasing reliance on rapid antigen tests (RATs) to relieve the PCR testing waits, there is a larger truth about this changing dynamic that many are not aware of.


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Conscious marketing goes beyond how you deliver marketing campaigns and brand awareness strategies to customers. With the rise of #metoo and Climate Change evangelists, companies are being blamed and shamed for their lack of strategy around how to ensure that the entire marketing function adheres to a new code of standards.
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It’s no secret that most people want to tune out of work during the holidays. In part, due to the hard work that kept them busy throughout the year and of course, fatigue from COVID-19 – the gift that keeps giving.

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Wednesday, 22 December 2021

The Importance of Backlinks For SEO

Before the launch of Google’s PageRank, search engines had to find ways to rank websites without relying on on-page content factors. During this period, it was determined that websites containing references and links were found to deliver better quality results than those websites that did not include them. The use of backlinking has become increasingly popular over recent years, having appeared on many sites across all search engines. 

According to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, building backlinks is the core of SEO. When your web page contains more backlinks, search engines can boost your site’s visibility and rank due to these efforts. Backlinks are important for SEO as they signal to Google that another website views your content valuable enough for it to link back to its content. Backlinking is one of the many ways SEO can be performed, especially when search engines can infer that your content is valuable enough to rank well on SERPs. 

While backlinks also provide an avenue for visitors to find your website, they can reward you in several ways:

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Marketing in the digital era is much more complete and multifaceted compared to marketing pre-digitalisation. The way in which we operate on a human level has changed drastically, meaning the way in which we market has adapted to accommodate. 

A key player in this change of attitudes and behaviours has been the COVID-19 pandemic. New meaning has been brought to life. Certain aspects of our day-to-day life mean much more to us now than they did pre-pandemic. 

Traditional forms of advertising no longer cut it. As we now have a new meaning to life, it means our views and values have changed drastically. What used to be effective in attracting customers no longer is, so what does this mean for marketers?

Marketers now need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to their marketing tactics. In order to outperform traditional forms of advertising, marketers need to get creative and start looking at tasks from new perspectives. 

Not sure where to start? Here are our zero-cost marketing tactics that are set to outperform traditional advertising. 

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Before commencing my internship at Marketing Eye, I was at a loss of where I wanted to take my career. I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2020, majoring in media and communications, hoping to find a career in marketing down the track. However, I didn’t completely understand what a career in marketing or a media role would entail. At the end of 2020, I visited a careers counsellor, naively assuming that all my curiosity and fear going into a professional work environment would be miraculously cured. After the session, I did not feel as confident as I predicted I would.

At the beginning of 2021, I began my master’s in marketing and digital communications. I felt I had found my passion in marketing, however, when I was asked by friends or relatives what exactly I would desire to do in my marketing career, I felt still quite unsure what I would exactly be hoping to do. 

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In 2020, our world was flipped upside-down, and our lives changed forever. The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm as the way we lived our lives was adapted to a new COVID normal. Stay at home orders were put into place globally, meaning more people were working and studying online than ever before.

In the US, the average adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes online each day, and the number of digital shoppers in the US rose by 6.4 million between 2019 and 2021. The world is rapidly becoming more and more digital, with the COVID-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst for this increase.

As the digital era begins to take over the world, marketers need to find new ways of keeping consumers engaged. Previous forms of traditional marketing no longer seem fit to keep the minds of digital consumers occupied. It is no longer about creating content that will generate the most views, it’s about creating content that your consumers will see value in, and willing want to engage in.

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