The wonderful world of Lead Generation

The wonderful world of Lead Generation

In business, to be successful you need revenue, and to fuel revenue you need LEADS. Put simply, lead generation encompasses all activities relating to the identification and cultivation of potential customers.
Therefore, to get the most out of the wonderful world of lead generation, businesses should not just think about generating leads, but generating high-quality leads! With billions of potential customers around the world for your product or service, here are some smart sales and marketing tactics to help generate and improve the quality of your leads.

Attracting prospective customers through social media marketing activities is an effective way to incorporate lead generation and data collection in businesses. As of recent, Marketers ranked LinkedIn the number one platform for lead generation and holding a lead conversion rate of three times higher than any other of the major players in the social media world. It is believed that LinkedIn users have two times the buying power compared to the average web audience and by using professional demographic data businesses now have the opportunity to build account-based marketing campaigns to further target and reach the desired set of custom targeted audiences.

Email Marketing
Every day, we can all agree we receive an abundance of emails with a key message of buying or selling. In some case, email marketing can become incredibly overwhelming for the prospective customer, this is why targeting your message so that it delivers a sense of great importance and relevance is key to standing out from the emailing crowd. In order to generate leads using this platform, businesses need to collect email addresses! An amazing aspect of this platform is its shareability. People are able to forward emails to their friends, family, and colleagues increasing the exposure of your content and further extending the possibility for future leads. Two things to remember when email marketing is the quality of your database and your visual messaging of your email.

Cold Calling
In spite of some people's negative associations when answering the phone to talk with a salesperson, cold calling is still a very useful and beneficial lead generation tool. In fact, 92% of B2B buyers are open to cold calls if the salesperson is relevant. To use cold calling effectively in generating leads it is important to hire the right person who specialises in prospecting to appropriately build the reputation and create richer relationships between the people and the brand. Sustaining the call, making every call count, being personable, being relevant and following up are all tips in generating and improving the quality of your leads.

We live in a world that is extremely fierce and competitive is becoming tougher than ever. Implementing lead generation tools may seem time-consuming but they are incredibly crucial to implement.

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  • Juliana
    18 Apr 2019

    It's interesting to read that cold calling is still effective in generating leads, because I've always thought that people would ignore the calls and hang up. I think because of how influential social media and the internet is, the ability to be able to communicate in person rather than over an email can have just as a positive effect if done correctly!