Phenomenal Audio Visual Presentations Takes Customer Experience To A New Level

Phenomenal Audio Visual Presentations Takes Customer Experience To A New Level

Have you ever walked into an event and your whole body says "WOW!" before you utter a word from your mouth? Have you ever recalled a time when you went to an event and you became obsessed with the brand expression of the host, or just because it was so "cool"?

The times you walk into an event and it blows your mind are few and far between, but when it does happen, it can give you an experience like no other. There is no substitute for a brand that takes your experience to a level that surpasses the purchase of a product or service and takes you to a place of no return. 

Talking to New York's most recognisable audio visual specialists, Crossfire Productions, Kyle Malenfant, it is clear to see that more goes into a event production than meets the eye. As a known New York Fashion Week AV experience setter, Malenfant has an accomplished track record of working with the world's top brands and enhancing the vision of event managers and event curators from around the globe that land in the city that never sleeps.

"An event production can make or break a brand. The experience someone has from the time the hear whispers of the event being produced to receiving an invitation and walking through the doors, gates or platform, is mission critical. Every event manager and event planner knows the value in that brand touch point and with everything being on Instagram and YouTube these days, that brand experience is for the world to see."

Clever use of audio visuals stylise an event whether it for a store opening, a catwalk show, a concert, a festival or a conference. Last week's Adobe Summit Conference in Las Vegas saw 17,000 people walk into a spectacular that was unlike no other. From multi-screen content and exploration, to laser beams and a lighting extravaganza, marketers from around the world looked past the speakers that entertained and enlightened the crowd, to be emmersed in an experience that was like no other conference I had been to. I remember distinctively the lighting, the music and the way the Adobe brand captured the message that it was there to tell, which was all about "customer experience".

Malenfant has explored the magic of events, working closely with New York's most famed event designers, and providing advice on how audio and visual elements can enhance an event. 

"What we try to do as a company is complement the event manager's vision and bring value to the table when it comes to know and expertise on what works and what doesn't. Mostly, we are not afraid to push boundaries and do things that have never been done before. Anything is possible - it's just about how good your AV company is at solving problems," Malenfant said.

"Sometimes people just want to have reliability in the basics and the presentation of a room, the food and drink that people consume and the message, is enough. Other times, people want to go all out and take people to a place of no return. That benchmark can be tantilizing for those who are part of the experience."

"Our design and installation teams work closely with clients to bring their visions to life. It really is about their vision and the brand experience they want attendees to have, but we can often add expertise to what it takes to get them there, or take their ideas to the next level."

Half-baked events leave customers and attendees underwhelmed. If people are leaving early or spending their whole time drinking at the bar, most often it is because the event is just another event. No event planner wants people to feel this way. As a marketer, this would be a massive fail. Experiences are everything whether it is in business or in life - and that is something every brand should remember.

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