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GIF Marketing? You read it right!

GIF Marketing? You read it right!

Did you know that GIFs are more popular than both Vine and Instagram stories? If you think back, we most likely have all laughed hysterically, liked or shared with a friend a GIF that we found scrolling through our social media platforms.
Graphics Interchange Formats is their formal name, but for today’s society, they are referred to as simply - GIFs. From influencers on social media to businesses portraying their humorous side, GIF’s have become an element that enables self-expression to the greater online community.

Here are 5 reasons why every brand should consider utilising GIFs in their marketing:

Boosting Engagement
In today’s digital world GIFs have become the internet’s most beloved image format, that enables individuals to express themselves and engage with consumers like never before. GIFs have become a new form of communication, and brands have leveraged on its ability to deliver a strong emotional impact for their audience. A few seconds of a GIF can resonate with viewers and provide a more interesting and effective way to enhance a brand’s message while reaching their consumers in an informal setting.

Increased Audience Retention
It has been discovered that the utilisation of GIFs in a brands content marketing strategy is more visually stimulating and cost-effective than using still images. As of recent, businesses have experienced a 42% increase in their click-through rate when employing GIF’s on their various social media platforms.

The world of internet culture
There is no doubt that GIFs have become a massive part of today’s internet culture, and brands can be rewarded when keeping up with the latest and craziest trends. According to Twitter, people share more than 100 million GIFs through tweets and direct messages yearly, making this an avenue that businesses should consider as staying on top of trends are important but creating culture is increasing important.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the GIF bandwagon before it’s too late. It will evidently keep your business staying up to date with trends, increasing brand awareness and creating a business culture that is unique in your market.

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  • Anne
    18 Apr 2019

    This post is very helpful, thank you.