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Marketing the next big trend for women's health & fitness

Marketing the next big trend for women's health & fitness

Have you been neglecting your health and fitness, maybe because you lack motivation, or simply don’t have enough time in the day?

Fact: Healthier and fitter employees are HAPPIER, they have increased self-confidence, they are more productive and they have more energy! We’ve heard it all before, but seriously, regular physical activity is vital for good physical and mental health, and this is why we encourage all our employees to engage.

It helps to improve your overall health and fitness, maintain healthy weight gain, reduce your risk for many chronic diseases and promote good mental health.

A client came to us with a business idea they wanted to develop and I honestly just thought, this is exactly what I need in my life. An online personal trainer I can take with me anywhere and everywhere in the comfort of my own pocket.

Instead of telling yourself you need to ‘go for a run’, meet BPT the online fitness phenomenon changing the way women stay active!

Body Pep Talk provides a professional online fitness coaching service to clients in search of a healthier lifestyle. Through the offerings of personalised workouts and fitness & health advice which are readily available through an online platform, Body Pep Talk fosters the optimal environment for a transition to a healthier and happier you!”

Body Pep Talk Highlights:
  • Personalised fitness programs that meet YOUR specific goals – suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels
  • All programs are tailored to work with YOUR schedule and current commitments
  • Workout from the comfort of your own home, gym or park – you can take YOUR plan with you anywhere
  • 100% online based and easily accessible via any mobile device

Igniting a ‘live-well’ philosophy, the online platform allows users to feel empowered across their entire life, from their physical health through to what they put in their bodies and how they address mindfulness. “The update of people using our Bodypektalk platform has been incredible, and we have been able to measure significant results in women between the ages of 30 and 55 years,” said Carla Torres.

A handful of our family and friends at Marketing Eye including some of our younger staff members have taken on the challenge, jumping on the bandwagon early on. They are already loving the support and awesome practical features BPT offers.

Take the quiz today to find out exactly what you need to reach your goals and live a more active, healthy and happy lifestyle!

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  • Allana Williams
    Allana Williams
    01 Aug 2018

    I totally agree that health and fitness marketing is totally on the rise. That's why I am thinking if launching a fitness site for my health and wellness products to sell! Thanks for the advice.

  • Deborah Hahn
    Deborah Hahn
    29 Mar 2018

    The fact that health and fitness support your personal well-being is one of the most important things to know when you work in an office full time. I used to work for a German corporate fitness service, where my job was to help employees to lead a healthier and fitter life. Therefore, I can highly relate to the topic and appreciate Body Pep Talk's business.