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How to find a high performing Inside Sales Executive

How to find a high performing Inside Sales Executive

Everyone is on the lookout for top-notch team members that will help their businesses accelerate their growth.

Finding the right people for the right job can sometimes be quite difficult. There is so much competition in the market for high performing talent with strong credentials, and even the fact that they often change jobs as quickly as they change their underpants – this does not waiver.

Marketing Eye Sydney is seeking to find a high performing, self-starting, Inside Sales Executive to join the team.

With offices overlooking Sydney harbour, the job definitely comes with perks, but at the end of the day, it is their commitment to driving sales performance that really counts.

As a structured marketing firm, Marketing Eye Sydney has an intensive Inside Sales training program. If someone follows the program, they will bring in between 5 and 7 clients per month to the fold.

For us, it is a no-brainer to hire an inside sales person who is committed to the growth of the company.

What we offer them is:

  • A talented team of professionals to work with
  • A career path that leads from Inside Sales to Marketing Executive and ultimately management roles
  • International footprint
  • Flat organisational structure, with no management in place
  • International skill-sharing
  • Endless holidays after 12 months of employment

A person who joins the team at Marketing Eye will learn more in one month than they probably have learned for most of their career. It’s exciting to work in an environment that never gets boring.

There are some traits that stand out when hiring an Inside Sales Executive:

  • Alpha personality types intrinsically understand “always-be-closing” mentality;
  • Driven, outgoing and play the game mentality;
  • Understand and live for the “winning” feeling that comes with closing deals;
  • Schmoozer: likeable in nature, charming, charismatic and genuine desire to make people feel amazing;
  • Naturally communicative and can “sell” a value proposition easily;
  • Willingness to learn.

Inside Sales Executives are trained to use every botched call as a learning opportunity. Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This role is the only one in our company where we are prepared to accept 6-month contracts from international travellers, looking to join a company as part of their visa’s.

What we love about the Inside Sales position is the fact that people are able to learn our business inside out, how marketing works for small to medium sized enterprises, and what it takes to be consistent with communications and drip feed leads.

If you are looking for an Inside Sales Executive position and career prospects that lead you into the field of marketing consulting, please call us on 1300 300 080 or send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

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