92,217 Marketers Are Engaged By One Post On LinkedIn

As you know I write. Sometimes on this blog, in magazines, in newspapers, books - you name it. I do it because it is my passion. So it will come as no surprise that as a writer I decided to do a #callout on LinkedIn to other marketers asking them simple questions like why they got into marketing, why they like marketing and what's next.

Little did I know that not only did 92,217 people see my post, and I received thousands of likes, comments and direct messages, but marketers have some of the most surprising stories to tell. As a marketer, who employers marketers, and coaches marketers, I need to understand them better. I live under a rock most of the time, and I knew for me that it is about time I understood the people that make our industry such a game-changer for the businesses we work in.

Needed 50 responses, got thousands

Of the thousands of people that responded, I know that each of you put thought into your responses. I feel compelled to tell your story in part, either in the magazine or future magazines, and on this blog. While I needed 50 responses, I received thousands, but each of you have a remarkable story to tell, and it is not only good for me to read, but for your colleagues, bosses, and anyone thinking about getting into the industry.

If I write about you on a blog, don't think that you won't get a chance to be included in the magazine. I am certainly going to try my best to bring to the forefront, the talented marketers from around the world that I can learn from, resonate with and be inspired by.

To LinkedIn, who would have guessed that a simple message on my LinkedIn page would get such a huge response? It got me thinking... how else can this medium be used for clients who have a message to share, that have no budget, but are unafraid to get creative? Food for thought.

Power of change

Daniela Masaro is a seasoned strategic marketing and communications professional with more than 15 years experience, and she shared with me something I think many of us can relate to. She said, "I think what makes it special for me is knowing that marketing has the power to change the lives of individuals, of communities, and the world at large."

You bet it does. Who would have thought that we would not only be using iphones but we would replace them every other year, and they would also tell us how healthy we are, order our drinks, pay our bills and save our lives (KOORCA APP)?

Getting into the weeds

Jean Ginzburg who is the founder of a company with his name, says "I enjoy getting into the weeds of marketing technology platforms that help my clients solve their problems. I also enjoy growing my client's businesses using digital marketing strategies." After 11 years in marketing Jean is certainly onto the money with how pivotal technology is to the marketing game.

Building experiences

Shez Mehra, another agency founder, summed it up a little differently as to why he loves marketing. "Building experiences that evoke emotion. With DJ'ing, I was always puppeteering the energy in a given room. I treat marketing in the same way; the goal is to control energy and emotions within people and have them let down their guard so that they can whole-heartedly trust you and you can make their experience better. Regardless of industry, I love being a champion of the customer experience and making it the best it can be. Beyond this, I truly enjoy cultivating meaningful relationships with everyone I interact with and bringing massive value to all stakeholders involved in any project that I am part of."

Changes in the marketing industry

What you also learn about marketing is that you don't need to be in the industry forever to be good and make an impact on a clients business. Kaitlyn Holeman who is the owner of Hummingbird Media has 3 years experience, and is up for the challenge.

"I love that nothing is ever the same, and that no two projects are exactly alike. The changes in the marketing industry (between Google algorithms and social media trends) constantly challenge us to stay on top of things. I love that we could be working on a web design project for a nonprofit organization one day, and a few blog posts for a creative business owner the next." 

Marketing is a career that I have been in for 25 years. Every day I learn something new and exciting. If you are up for change, and ready to keep learning new ways of doing things - it's a career that can last a lifetime.

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