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How to reignite your team’s creativity

How to reignite your team’s creativity

It is no question that the complexity of today’s marketplace requires innovation. No more can we rely on the same ideas that have given us success in the past. Research suggests that 80% of people believe harnessing creativity would generate economic growth; while only 25% of those feel they are actually living up to their creative potential.

  You are probably wondering; well how do I reignite that spark of creativity in my team? Here is how!

 Communicate openly

The best part about collaborating and brainstorming is how it allows your team to flex their creative muscles when generating new ideas. Of course, not all ideas will be gems, but it only takes one great idea to spark the imagination of others, and get the ball rolling for even more creative ones! So why not encourage ongoing brainstorming sessions to create culture, engagement, and creativity within your team.

Knockdown Walls

All team members have the ability and talent to generate revolutionary and game-changing ideas however sometimes people are afraid to input their ideas in the case they might get shot down or look silly. In order to knock down these walls, it is important to develop a positive space where all ideas are heard, appreciated and unjudged. Changing the context and thinking proactively by asking your team to think up outrageous ideas just might be the way to break the ice and let your team members step outside their comfort zone, bond with other teammates, open conversations and spur creative ideas.

Think beyond the box

We always hear the saying ‘think outside of the box’ however at work, employees may sometimes feel restricted and or feel safer and more comfortable just going with the norm. This feeling of restriction blocks creativity and makes team members feel like they have no flexibility in outward and creative thinking.

Having a sense of flexibility can develop one’s personal growth mindset. This will give them an internal belief that they can be more creative which will, in turn, bolster the level of creativity in ideas. In an environment that facilitates the generation and expression of innovative, the sky’s the limit!

Smell the Roses

A little dose of sunshine and fresh air might be just what your team needs to get those creative juices flowing. Unfamiliar surroundings along with free-flowing discussions may help and inspire your team to think differently. Stepping outside of the office and getting away from those everyday office distractions can provide team members the space they need to think and awaken their creative impulses. Putting time aside to take your team out for lunch, social activity or even a small walk might just be the key for igniting creativity in your team.

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comments ( 2 )
  • Juliana
    12 Mar 2019

    These points are helpful for people like me who often feel that it's difficult to express ideas and share opinions. I think being in an environment where you're encouraged to perform to the best of your ability without any judgements is important in developing your sense of self as well as create a strong bond with your team.

  • Pauline
    08 Mar 2019

    Very useful tips!