Female entrepreneurs redefining what it means to do business

Female entrepreneurs redefining what it means to do business

We live in a society of constantly changing perceptions, opinions, and beliefs. But one things for sure, female entrepreneurs are here to stay, and they're making a greater impact on our overarching society and the business world more than we probably think. From new mummy's building mini-empires from the comfort of their own homes to the young tech-savvy generation z's creating a dream-like reality around their greatest passions and developing millions upon millions of followers.

Female entrepreneurs are not going away anytime soon! I like to think of these business innovators and creative thinkers as the new celebrities of our time, they are the greatest game changers. They’re here to stir the pot, to create long-lasting change and emphasis and redefine what is meant by business and success. 

Navigating the barriers

Yes, I get it, business is tough. It’s definitely no walk in the park. But maybe that’s one of the perks of the business (and marketing) world. The challenges and barriers we face lead us to a destination and guide us in a way that enables us to achieve the unexpected. Female entrepreneurs are having to navigate their way around the barriers of the competitive business world to locate and discover the gold mines of success. Every entrepreneur knows that there will always be an overwhelming amount of ‘no’s’, failures, mistakes and disappointments until there is a minute glimmer of hope and potential success. 

Jumping on board the female entrepreneur bandwagon

High flying celebrities such as Victoria Secret model Karlie Kloss and even Apple have integrated and welcomed the idea of female entrepreneurs as normality of modern business. Designing programmes, systems, and camps to emphasise and encourage not only female entrepreneurs but every entrepreneur to achieve their wildest dreams.

Everyone has a little bit of magic

Sometimes, especially as females, we believe that we can't do something or we don't have the skill to achieve a goal or a dream. But what is most interesting is that we need to discover our deepest motivation and aspiration to harness our internal entrepreneur in us all. Unlocking and utilising it to its fullest potential can be referred to as the golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory of business. 

This is just the beginning for female entrepreneurs. There’s so much more to come, to know, to accept and to learn. There is no limitation to business. At Marketing Eye we believe the business world is definitely, more so than ever our oyster. 

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  • Iris Lijding
    Iris Lijding
    30 Mar 2019

    Great post!
    It's so true, female entrepreneurs are both disrupting and redefining what entrepreneurship and business means to so many of us.
    It's great to see so many women and companies motivate and inspire other women to pursue their goals and dreams (despite us sometimes believing we can't).

  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    Very interesting post! So inspiring!

  • Eleonore
    09 Jan 2019

    What a great post! it opens my eyes and gives me the motivation to work harder for achieving my goals!