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The custodian of your brand

The custodian of your brand

Getting ready for the artic freeze with a 12 degree chill expected tomorrow, I am gladly sitting in my warm office in Atlanta.

The team is fired up for the start of the new year. At this time of year, many people rethink where they sit in this world; life, work, health. I for one, have been doing a lot of that lately.

As I embark on the next phase of global expansion, I am left with some thoughts on the people I employ and those who would best suit our company going forward.

Marketing is a fickle industry. In Australia, there are so many marketing jobs on offer and not enough quality marketers available. A marketing shortage if you would like, not dissimilar to what we have seen in the technology sector.

That worries me no end as I have to sit back and think about what we are going to do in the future to attract the best marketers for our company. Our desire to achieve marketing excellence and be thought leaders in every way, causes a lot of extra pressure that we need to learn how to deal with.

The people who work in the offices where I do not always sit, have the biggest job of all - and the greatest expectations that are placed on them. They are custodians of our brand in the market they work.

I can't begin to tell you what an important role that is. Every interaction with every person is a representation of our brand in the market. It is with their voice and presentation, that our brand is communicated even before they open their mouths.

It's easy to play when the boss is away, but its the true leaders of the future that take this moment in time as an opportunity to really show their capabilities and where they fit in the world of your company.

People who know how to be proactive, are self-starters and have a goal in mind, tend to be those who are successful and reach the heights of their career.

It's establishing the right mix, and the right employee DNA that often is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs. Working remotely can be a huge advantage for employees with the confidence to back their own skills and show off their accomplishments.

The question is what are good traits of someone that is the custodian of your brand in a new market?

  • Can-do approach
  • Hardworking and ambitious
  • Show's integrity and isn't afraid to roll up their sleeves
  • Is honest and respects the brand and its leaders
  • Doesn't give up
  • Values are aligned to the company
  • Can communicate effectively what they need to do their job well

What else would you add?

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  • Justice : des criminels en liberté
    Justice : des criminels en liberté
    09 Nov 2015

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  • Amalia Kewenter
    Amalia Kewenter
    21 Jan 2015

    Good traits of a custodian in my opinion
    A leading marketing company is clearly only as good as its employees. A leader needs to be backed up by the strongest supporters to truly be the best. A lonesome leader will never win, which is why a successful business acquires custodians of that brand working together as a team. With that said, another important character feature of a custodian is the ability to build relations. The new market can only be conquered by communication and the establishment of bonds between people and businesses. The right mix of people at a company comes together through the actual building of relationships, internally as well as externally. A strong team is built upon trust; each and everyone of its members need to trust their own capabilities and themselves, and also transmit that trust to others. I believe that a company´s custodians are more likely to take steps together towards a mutual winning if they feel that they are backed up by others and grounded in a lasting relationship.