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Why the 'best of the best' marketers work in consultancy

Why the 'best of the best' marketers work in consultancy

Marketing Eye is growing at a phenomenal pace with our first licensee approved, and a new office in Seattle, Washington. As such, we need to hire new people to join our team. We have three positions available: Marketing Manager (Melbourne), PR and Communications Executive (Sydney), Graphic Designer (Sydney or Melbourne).

To give you a snapshot: our existing team is highly talented and here for the long haul. They are a mixture of marketers, creatives, branding, web and public relations professionals. Each person is dedicated to being the best they can be - and in return, they are given a highly rewarding career in marketing, PR and graphic design.

The company culture has evolved and is now exactly how I dreamed it would be - fun, driven, risk taking, and clever. Finally, we have it right and the people who work at Marketing Eye are proud ambassadors of our brand.

To work here you need to be on top of your game, but you will be rewarded for your skills and passion. While working on a number of different clients takes some getting use to, it also ensures that you never get bored on the job.

With a flat organisational structure, you benefit from being your own boss through our independent yet collaborative approach, but have the security of being a full-time employee.

You need to bring skills to the table, and have an ability to learn really fast. A can-do attitude works wonders as is an ability to think for yourself and be a self-starter.

There is no micro management, just a standard of work that is required to be performed. We encourage a collaborative approach to marketing (PR/Design), marrying the skills of the entire team on our clients marketing.

We encourage our people to have fun and take as many holidays as they see fit, while at the same time care about clients as if their business was yours.

There are no two days that will ever be the same. You will:

  • Host marketing workshops and work collaboratively with clients to understand their marketing needs
  • Work in a number of different industry sectors: technology, professional services, FMCG, manufacturing, logistics and health
  • Develop marketing strategies and maintain WIP reports
  • Use technology; CRM, marketing automation, e-marketing, social media and our custom proprietary technology
  • Provide marketing consultation to clients based on your experience or that of the team
  • Play an active role in marketing Marketing Eye
  • Develop creative and targeted EDM and direct marketing campaigns
  • Use mobile as a vehicle to connect clients to prospects
  • Work with our team of web developers to develop website architecture and steer the online presence of the company's we represent
  • Use social media every single day - and love it!
  • Participate in PR campaigns as part of the communications team
  • Mentor others in more junior roles
  • Manage between 8 and 15 clients simultaneously
  • Write to your hearts content if you so desire - on our blog, in our magazine and online.
Marketing Eye is in a unique situation where we pick and choose clients that we want to work with. We are thought leaders and educators, technology developers and content creators - but mostly we are marketing professionals giving the industry a good name.

We recruit the best of the best - people that inspire us to lift our game and support each other in a way that ensures that Marketing Eye stays on top of the game.

If you want to start 2015 in a new role that offers diversity, freedom, reward, challenges and exceptional work colleagues who are all good at what they do - then send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us why this job may be just what you are looking for. Please read our blogs, follow us on social media and start engaging. We want to get to know you online and off.

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