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Workplace Culture is more than just a phrase

Workplace Culture is more than just a phrase

How do YOU define workplace culture? Over the years culture has become so incredibly important for organisational success, productivity and overall reputation.

Nowadays, we are valuing positive workplace culture more than we are the income we receive and interestingly others are becoming more hesitant to leave a company due to the positive cultural nature of the company.

Unfortunately, many businesses believe that positive workplace culture will simply come about through purchasing a ping pong table for your break room or hanging up funny signs around the office. However, it comes about through great investment in your employees whether that’s company volunteering, training days, group fitness classes or encouraging conversations while having coffee or lunch. Workplace culture doesn’t evolve instantaneously, it is built up over the course of time.

The culture of a workplace is seen as the personality of the business and will often be one of the aspects potential recruits will be intrigued by when applying for a position or clients that you will work with.

Having a successful workplace culture can be responsible for influencing a team’s ability to feel motivated, confident and dedicated to consistently complete their role.

Here are our tips for improving workplace culture;

  • Creating and sticking with a clear vision statement helps to motivate employees with the inner belief that their role is making a difference. A clear vision statement incites employees to align together and strive towards the same goal.
  • Actively encouraging interaction between managers and employees is a progressive approach to improving workplace culture. It allows a direct line of communication and encourages all employees to have a voice.
  • Keeping employees up to date on both day-to-day and big picture operations of your business allows them to feel both engaged and appreciated in regard to the future of the business. This positive outlook should incite a positive workplace culture due to employees feeling an adequate sense of involvement and value.

Workplace culture is not only a way to increase productivity and motivation though it should leave your employees feeling a happier, more engaged and united. Don’t forget, culture is becoming the one element that clients, as well as current and future employees, are using as a basis to either stick with your company or head to their next opportunity.  So why not take the dive, invest in culture and witness the benefits.

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  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith
    06 May 2019

    Workplace culture is such an important aspect of any organisation. As an upcoming graduate myself, a workplace culture which makes me feel like I belong and is fun and supportive is just as important to me as the financial benefits of the role.