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The buck stops with entrepreneurs

The buck stops with entrepreneurs

With so many things happening right now at Marketing Eye and also with my other investments, I find myself being pulled in many different directions. In some ways I just want to do the charity work I am doing, and make a difference to people's lives, but what funds that is my business interests, namely Marketing Eye.

We can all choose to do things later in life, but I choose to do it now. If only I can make a difference to the lives of the people that are in rural communities in Australia, and eventually internationally, I would have succeeded and that success means more to me than any gain I achieve through Marketing Eye.

The World Incubator

I am sure that is something that my team here would be concerned by. After all, they are instrumental in the company's success and what they do has a lot of meaning. In fact, without their work and attention to building the most significant SMB outsourced marketing firm in Australia and the US, I would not be able to spend the time I do on The World Incubator.

Today, I was thinking about what we are doing as a company. Marketing Eye is very established in the Australian market and has formed its position as an industry leader through innovation and a firm focus on excellence. Where we go from here, is all in the business plan, and everyone I hope is on the same page. If they are not, then that really lies on my shoulders. I perhaps from time to time do not spend the time I need to with them, and often hope that they remember what we are here for. 

"Think" about our brand

Each of our team really love our clients - and we have a lot! In many ways, I am certain they love the clients more than they "think" about our brand. It's as if our brand is a subset of what they do for clients. 

When I look at this, I know that this is the right approach, yet sometimes I wish our team were screaming from the rooftops the advantages of being part of the Marketing Eye brand.

It is a two-edged sword, but something many entrepreneurs who reach that next level as I have think about.

Wish we were Google!

Google, Facebook and Twitter have achieved this but they are not as focused on the customer as a company such as ours is. If they were, Facebook would make sure I receive all facebook updates from all people that I am connected to, and they wouldn't charge companies to push their content that has been subscribed to in the form of a "like" to your company page.

I get why staff are so invested in these brands - they have shares and it's incredibly "sexy" to be part of the tech crowd. But how can we do that with a business that is getting great traction, while still giving our clients the love they deserve? We know that without clients, no-one has a job. Without the brand, no-one has one either.

Strategies have to be written in May

It's strategy time in Australia. There is no point writing next years' strategy in July or June for that matter. If we want to reach new heights, we have to start the strategy now, completing it by May and then in June communicating it not only to our people but to all stakeholders in the business including our clients and followers.

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