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5 Ultimate hacks to get a promotion

5 Ultimate hacks to get a promotion

If you read the news, the world is doomed. Careers are not what they use to be and the chances of you get a promotion before your time is close to zero.

But for those who back themselves, believe that anything is possible and are prepared to put their skills, knowledge and resilience to the test - there is good news! Here are some hacks that will get you the next promotion - fast!!!!

Mirror your boss

My first boss taught me something I will never forget. If you want to sell to someone, mirror them. If they drink black coffee, you drink black coffee. If they touch their left eye, you touch your left eye. While this may sound creepy, there is science to back this up.

With mirroring, you adopt the physical and verbal behaviours of your boss as a way to build rapport and agreement during the "selling" process. This makes them feel like you are exactly like themselves and immediately creates a sense that you belong together. If your boss wants to be more successful, chances are that they are looking for someone who is just like them. Things to make sure you do in the process is a) copy body language b) voice, tone and language utilized c) communications style.

Your boss is most probably an A-Type personality or similar. They know that their own choices, behaviour and instinct got them to where they are and that if you display the same sort of behaviours, then you are more than likely able to succeed.

Early to rise

Wake up early every day at the same time. Create a routine that is healthy and productive. Be the first person who arrives in the office each day and make sure you fire out a bunch of emails when you arrive. People who wake up early are more likely to be successful. It also shows an eagerness to start the day, fresh, without distraction. All favourable traits of a successful leader or manager.

Plan for tomorrow, today

Excellent time management is critical to success and promotion. If you can manage your time wisely, you are then able to spend more time doing things that make you stand out from the crowd. Being organised and concise on what you want to achieve out of each day, allows you to be more productive.

Do more

That doesn't necessarily mean more hours. Work smart and efficiently and make sure that you are bringing something new to the table often, that is well-prepared and advantageous to the business you work for. Engage with your peers in a productive, professional way. Bring them along with you in your journey because all leaders need to engage with their team and show leadership capabilities. 

Get tunnel vision focus

Harder to achieve than to write, I can assure you. If you have a career plan and the steps to achieve that goal layed out in front of you, you will achieve it. Never engage in office politics and always use your time wisely. Be passionate about what you are doing and don't look for recognition from others as your endorsement that you are doing a good job. Look at the data analytics of your performance and use that as your personal scorecard. Eat healthy, take vitamins, exercise regularly and make sure you don't use your phone or any device 24/7. By shutting down you are ensuring that your focus is sharp.

Too many people wait to get their promotion, but you don't have to do that if you are really smart. Show that you are capable and can do things that others are unable to achieve. Importantly, display a well-balanced personality type that has a healthy mix of work, life balance, conducive to successful high performing people.

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  • Cherry
    18 Jul 2019

    I also believe that the key to success is about changing the habits of ourselves. By maintaining a good habit, we can change our attitude, character and reputation.