Why your narrative has to change

Why your narrative has to change

I've recently changed the narrative of my business. It's not something I took lightly. Re-defining what value you provide to the market place can be game-changing, or business destroying. 

If you look at Uber for instance, they could have failed, but yet they succeeded. Is it sustainable? Most probably. Is it worth the market value associated with the business? Not really. Did they not only change their original narrative, but create a new narrative for the entire industry - disruptive in design?

But our narrative is different. What we do and how we do it is part of our narrative, but not its entirety.

When we talk narrative, we talk story. 

Wikipedia says that a narrative is any report of connected events, actualimaginary, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, or still or moving images.

Challenged by what narrative is relevant and will remain so in the future is an entrepreneurs biggest issue if they want to in fact be industry-leading, disruptive innovators of the future.

We all have a narrative in our heads. It's the change in the narrative that we mostly have to work with. Our curiousity about other people's narratives, and how that affects our own landscape is pertinent to ensuring that our narrative is the right narrative for now and in the future.

Changing the narrative has been all encompassing. We have together made our business bigger, bolder and more dynamic. Marketing Eye's place in the industry is one of leadership. We truly believe that there is no other company in the world today doing what we do, how we do it.

Our desire to know more and learn more is giving us the power to expand our network like never before. The challenges before us are only road blocks caused by a lack of process. The more times we are faced with these hurdles - the better the business becomes. Rather than shy away from this, we embrace it with gusto.

What we see as being the future story of our business is one that transcends anything that the market has seen to date. Our model is inclusive; outsourced marketing department, technology, media and licensing. We have created something that no-one else has been able to duplicate, mainly because playing catchup is a bitch, and the financial investment in doing so is significant and not for the faint hearted.

Our business is self funded and it limits us but at the same time gives us control that we know is not possible should we choose to play with someone else's money.

Creating a new category of marketing consultancy firms requires smarter systems and everyone engaged in being on the same page. How we do this is bound only by imagination and collaboration. 

Businesses like ours need reinventing. There may be technology that changes the story of how marketing consultancies work - but it is not that alone that will create a powerful new narrative.

By giving up what your business is today, and creating a new narrative of what it will be going forward, you are in fact opening up to a whole new world. It's scary. It will be challenging. And it will redefine possibility.

Marketing Eye is not old-school other than in values and manners. We are not stuck in our ways. We embrace change and are no afraid of risk. Our people are open-minded and scalable. 

The standard is not to be taken as the norm. How does one push boundaries and see things differently if they are in fact not open to coloring in outside the lines from time to time. 

Employees are not employees. They are free spirits bound by brand and values. They can bring things to the table that will transform your business - if you let them. 

I don't want to wake up in 5 years time doing the same thing. It would be senseless. Our clients would not benefit from that at all. Our people would bore easily. I would fall asleep.

Think freely of your narrative. Is your business what you want it to be? Do you tell a story that is the same as before? Are you telling the same story as everyone else in your industry? Can you relate to your business in the same way you did when you started? Is there a connection to where the world is going to what you are doing?

My narrative is changing. Is yours?

Why your narrative has to change?
  • Business is changing. The market is changing. Think; In Japan, they are selling more adult diapers than baby diapers thanks to our aging population. Is your business only focused on the young? Do you understand the true market opportunity that exists? Will your business be here in 50 years from now?
  • True game changes know that their narrative has to change to stay relevant. They have to soak up all aspects of the world we live in and relate it back to where they want to go.
  • Someone else will change it for you.

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