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Why we are letting 18,561 hot leads get away this week

Why we are letting 18,561 hot leads get away this week

The challenges of running a professional services firm are many. What most of my counterparts would say is that it's people that determine whether you are successful or not - and this is correct.

The second is processes and systems to ensure that from one professional services consultant to another, there is nothing missed in how you deliver your service to clients. We have this down pat. 

But the third is one that is our achilles heel right now. It's lead generation. We have too many leads coming through our doors and not enough people. Don't get me wrong, I am trying to recruit, but there is a specific type of marketer we are looking for and most of the CV's coming through just don't fit the bill. It's best to hold off then make the wrong mistake with new hires. We certainly have made enough mistakes in the past that we don't care to repeat.

Yesterday, Nina, a marketing executive with Marketing Eye pulled me aside. She said, "We have over 18,561 leads that have come through our marketing automation software Marketo this week."

Wow! 18,561!!! That is enormous. Clearly, we don't have enough people to get back to these leads and due to our influx of clients, we have had to turn "off" the automation part of our website as we are not able to get back to the number of leads coming through our doors. What does one do?

Well, for a start, we have to focus on another market and that's marketing executives. We have known for some time that this is a problem and that is why I have written a book on marketing and am now conducting courses where people can learn to become Marketing Eye's. I am prepared to give away all of our secrets so that we are able to cherry pick the best of the bunch and hire people that have a certain level of competency.

While having too many hot leads is a good problem to have, it has produced another problem with our company and ability to scale. Our sole focus is recruiting the best candidates to look after our clients needs.

Jobs that we need filling right now in Australia:

Marketing Manager, Melbourne
  • Minimum of 5 years experience
  • Bachelor degree in marketing and/or communications
  • Experience in professional services, health and IT marketing

Marketing Executive, Melbourne/Sydney (3 roles)
  • Minimum of 1 year experience
  • Bachelor degree in marketing and/or communications
  • Self-starting attitude
Inside Sales Executive, Melbourne/Sydney (2 roles)
  • Bachelor degree in marketing and/or communications
  • Self-starting attitude
  • Sales focus

What we can guarantee any new hire:
  • Education across multiple marketing mediums
  • Education in marketing automation software and CRM software
  • Variety: Marketing Eye's clients span 20 different industry sectors
  • Systems, processes and an innovative spirit
  • Defined career path to management
  • Laughs, fun and hard work.
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  • Hayden Churchill
    Hayden Churchill
    12 Aug 2015

    This article is really interesting. To think a success firm is able to ‘let go’ 19,000 leads is at first puzzling but the explanation and logic speaks for itself. Clearly, as a firm you understand the limits of your current staff base and aren’t willing to jeopardise their performance by over committing to new clients, which is calculated and smart. Previously reading another blog about how poor employees can become toxic to the overall working environment, remaining patient for the gems that fit the bill is also a very calculated decision and one that I can imagine would have been hard to do when there is so much business out there for your firm to take!