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Why robots can write your next marketing strategy better than you

Why robots can write your next marketing strategy better than you

If I was to say to you that I was able to give you a marketing strategy that guarantees a competitive advantage - would you say yes?

In fact, would you sign up now, knowing that it is highly unlikely that your competitors will get into the top 100 signup, which will complete the testing of the robot?

I am in a privileged position of having written more than 200 marketing strategies in my time. Now, with that knowledge and a whole heap of tape recordings, we will be able to create machine learning for a robot, that will utilise that information as well as modern technologies such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and algorithms. This is the most exciting development in marketing strategy development. Finally companies will have a competitive advantage - a strategy worth implementing that best uses a companies marketing budget, based on real data and not on someone's gut instinct or a 'probable' situation. 

I am excited about what marketing is about to be able to achieve, and rather than take in investment for the robot I have decided to use crowdfunding to pay for the first stage of the development, and partner with best team possible.

Basically, I am asking companies with revenues of $500,000 to $30,000,000 to pay $1,990 now and receive a marketing strategy in May 2018 for the 2018/19 financial year. It is crowdfunding with a product that is worth $25,000 in its normal format without the data and intelligence the robot is able to add, for $1,990. As with any technologies, it won't be 100% perfect, so we have factored in 4 hours of marketing management time to ensure you get a marketing strategy that works for your company.

We are able to do this at this price simply because it will be 'robot' generated marketing strategy that won't need us to pay for hours of a marketing managers time.

Be in the first 100, and have a competitive advantage that other companies in your space won't have going into 2018/19. Click here to find out more.

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  • Marc-Olivier Gontard
    Marc-Olivier Gontard
    10 Aug 2017

    The new robotic era seems to be very exciting from any point of view, even though we can ask ourselves many questions about how to deal with the robots. Lots of people are thinking robots are a threat to their jobs, and they are not completely wrong, each company have to find their own balance between human and robotic workforce, what is the most profitable solution ? Anyway today, as you said in your article, robots still need humans to check the job they did or to do some tasks they can't realise for the moment, but in the future the question might become way more important.
    Thanks for your article though !