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What makes our marketing agency special?

What makes our marketing agency special?

What makes our agency special? It's a question that I am asked frequently, and it always makes me think "what is it that is our secret sauce?". What makes us different from the marketing company down the road?

There is one answer.

Our people. They have purpose, direction, focus, tools and creativity to excel at all stages of the marketing mix. From strategy through to implementation of marketing activations, they are passionate about delivering clients with marketing outcomes that exceed their expectations.

When a new client is on-boarded, they take pride in delivering that client with the best possible marketing partner. They each love their clients, and given that we don't do business with people that we don't have great chemistry with, it helps make this relationship so easy.

People have to have purpose and that nature of human beings is often they flounder. Being on the ground now in the company, I am seeing a very different picture and one that I take enormous pride in. The people who work with me, are 'owning' their business. They are treating the company as if it were their own, and I have to say, they are also treating me as if I was there big sister. The family member who they want to make proud but also they want the best for me personally and professionally.

This mentality shapes how they work with clients. They care. We promote work, life balance, and rarely will you see a person in early or later than 5.30pm in any of our offices anywhere in the world. They have finally embraced our own technologies and understand why they make their lives easy. If anyone has done a change in technology platforms in their organisation, they know that its not easy to convince everyone to take the new technology on-board and use it. 

When you have everyone from inside sales, business development, branding, graphic design, marketing, web, search engine optimisation, social media and digital marketing as a whole - all under one roof, you have a lot of different personality types. Some just want to be creative, while others care about the data science around a digital campaign. 

The people that make up Marketing Eye are phenomenal. They are game-changers within our organisation. They work hard, and leave on-time. 

One thing I have to share is that as I have become older, I have realised that we are all human beings. We all make mistakes. We all miss deadlines whether we mean to or not. We all have personal problems that come into the workplace. We all over perform and under perform. We are human. We are living creatures and every person who works in an organisation needs to be reminded that its ok to be human and it is ok to stuff up, but its whether or not you learn from your mistakes that will truly define you.

Our people rarely make mistakes but when they do, I am the first to ask them, "did you learn from it?" and if they say "yes" I always say "then that's ok, let's move on."

We are different and our people are clever. Some are more ambitious than others. That too is ok. Some will reach the top of their field and there really isn't anything stopping them, while others will have a great job and perhaps become writers or artists. Who knows. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that they are happy and they are there for each other when they need to be. We are afterall, family.

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  • Sabith
    10 Nov 2017

    Hi! Thank you for sharing for your valuable thought about the Marketing its nice..