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How to get leg up on your competitors in 2018/19

How to get leg up on your competitors in 2018/19

Everyone is busy doing budgets for the next financial year, and setting sales forecasts, while marketers are frantically trying to ensure that marketing strategies are in line with the results that management are looking for. What is most important is the ability for companies to read the market, understand what customer want, and easily communicate why they should choose a particular company over another.

Marketing Eye is fine-tuning our 2018/19 marketing strategy for Australia, ensuring that we don't just focus on Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Townsville, but also other States in Australia with a firm goal of opening offices in Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and New Zealand.

What this means in a self-funded environment is that we have to focus on ensuring that we have enough clients coming in to be able to actively grow into new markets, and leverage our brand in existing one's.

We have noticed a number of competitors close their doors of late, and their ranking on Google has not saved their businesses from the unfortunate fate of people wanting to do business with them. It certainly makes us think about what we are doing, how we are doing it and why companies choose Marketing Eye over competitors.

What we realise is most important is:

If everyone is walking one way, walk the other

There is never a truer statement in business. I try to never look too deep into what competitors are doing and instead take inspiration from fast rising companies that are innovative and forward thinking. While most marketing companies are still sticking to their knitting, we are throwing away the wool and the knitting needles and asking ourselves how we can do things better.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Our clients are amazing people. They each are brave enough to own businesses and deliver incredible products and services to their clients. Sometimes their lessons in business are the best lessons you can ever learn. By asking them what they think of your business or what challenges they are facing and how they are overcoming them, is helpful.

Start marketing - fast

We have all been there where we stop marketing our businesses because we get too busy doing what we are doing. Don't. This is singularly the biggest mistake you can ever make. Marketing can make or break you. Find out what is holding you back from marketing your business and work out a solution.

Have a business plan and marketing strategy in place

First things first. A business plan is essential. Secondly, make sure your marketing strategy is in line with your business plan, and that it isn't sitting in your top drawer. Make sure it isn't generic and one that your competitor can pick up and use. 

B2B companies should have inside sales departments

Everytime we neglect this area, our leads fall off. Relying on our website has been powerful, but if you don't get back to leads and generate new one's, your business will eventually die. This is a fact. 

If you are interesting in what we are doing, pop us an email and we would be happy to show you this week's marketing activity. It's yours to be inspired by. Just email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we will send it off to you immediately.

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