Why your business needs marketing

Why your business needs marketing

2018/19 is going to be a year of change. From narratives to business landscapes - the world of business is being turned upside down, and it is only the companies willing to adapt fast to these changes, that will truly make their mark.

As more competitors come into the market, consolidation of industry sectors and the complete disruption of industries that have been around forever, is forcing businesses to be on their "A" game. The problem of course is that too many business leaders are focused on the dollars and are fast forgetting the big picture. In fact, they 'get by' with their current adhoc marketing efforts and channel their resources into pushing their sales teams and other areas of operations. 

Big mistake!

There is a real reason why some businesses go from startup to global business in a short period of time - and that's marketing and business modelling. If you have sat on your hands and made every excuse as to why you couldn't invest in marketing - then think about 2018/19 and what it is that will be the single biggest thing holiding you back.

You have a choice to put your resources where you will see return on investment (ROI), or just keep playing the 'hit and miss' game. If you have sat on your hands and made every excuse

Marketing Eye has studied thousands of businesses, and one thing that is consistent with high growth businesses is their ability to see value in marketing and the role marketing plays in supporting sales. 

Success isn't by accident. One or two outstanding employees who are gun sales people won't make your company the success you want it to be. It takes a team of people, working collaboratiely towards a company's goals and vision. 

When Marketing Eye was founded, it was done so on a basic principal that entrepreneurs want to grow their businesses, but rarely have at their disposal the marketing resources of their larger counterparts. Simply, they cannot afford it, don't have the brand and infrastructure to attract the best marketing talent, or just sit on their hands knowing that marketing is something that they need to do, but never quite get around to it.

The best type of entrepreneur that can be 'accused of doing nothing' when it comes to marketing, usually are entrepreneurs who think that they can do it all themselves but never get around to it. Does this sound familiar? These talented entrepreneurs don't realise even the most skilled entrepreneurs have limitations and it is usually time and sometimes capabilities. 

My personal belief is that if you are in business, then you should be able to afford to invest in quality marketing. $2,500 per month isn't a lot of money to spend when it comes to the outcomes it can produce. Something to think about!

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  • Phi Le
    Phi Le
    05 Jul 2018

    In my opinion, the reason small businesses are not willing to pay for marketing is that they don't see the immediate benefits from it. Investing in things such as more stocks or bigger warehouse gives an on-spot result. Nonetheless, they don't see that the most critical element in every business is selling and selling cannot be done without a proper marketing strategy. It is grateful that you found Marketing Eye to make marketing more affordable for smaller businesses.