How marketing executives can nail their next career move

How marketing executives can nail their next career move

Marketing Eye is about to be inundated with clients due to a campaign we recently conducted that had amazing results. As such, we need to hire more marketing executives and given that we are now past the first quarter of the year, it is a good time to think.

What makes a marketing executive stand out from the pack?

Marketing Executives tend to have a few years under their belt and the basic knowledge of how to marketing in the digital transformation era down pat. As their confidence builds, they take more risks and use various aids to A/B test their marketing strategies and campaigns. This experience allows marketers to build their knowledge not only through success, but also through failure.

There are a number of ways in which marketing executives can nail their career progression. Some are obvious and others are something many think about but rarely do.

Find a mentor

Seeking out a mentor who is willing to spend time with you and allow you to share your fears and successes, dreams and aspirations, is imperative to your career. You need to find someone who has a "no bullshit" philosophy, that tells you how it is. I've had a mentor all through my career and at times several and from that I have learned so much more than if I had done it alone. What I have learned from mentors is invaluable and continues to help me develop my business skills and open new doors. Today I met with a head of Coca-Cola who I probably would never have met had I not had a mentor. While I am not seeking to do business with Coca-Cola, I am definitely interested in what this man achieved in business, his philosophies and how he views the world. 

Learn your craft

The biggest issue with marketers is they specialise too early. Instead, learn everything there is to know about marketing and then put it into practice - at one company, not several. There will be a lot of time in your career to chop and change jobs, so get your foundation right early. Learn what you like and don't like about your job, career and colleagues so that when you make that next step, you are equipped to make choices that will help dictate where your career is heading. 

Develop constantly

Go to every networking event possible and sit through as many tutorials and training programs online as you can possibly take. Use this personal development as a basis for conversation, better marketing strategies and of course, an opportunity to share with your colleagues. If you think that this type of attitude doesn't stand out, think again. It is pivotal in a successful marketing career.

Take people with you

Seek out those who are talented below you, on your level and above you. You would be surprised who you may be the boss of in the future and if the corporate world is your dream career move, then it is almost certain that you will need good people on your team and sometimes your old boss will be your sub-ordinate. By building a strong foundation early, that relationship will not be hindered by you leap-frogging them to the top job. It will in fact be enhanced and they will be proud of the fact that they started out with you. If you are a woman and you believe that women should have more seats at the table, make sure you take other women with you early. 

Show leadership

Leadership isn't being bossy. It is helping people with their roles in a company, being a young mentor and sharing knowledge where it assists others to do a better job. Thinking about the customer you are servicing and the company you work for, and finding ways in which you can create a better environment, outcome and culture is imperative to standing out. Also keep KPI's in mind and learn data science early so you can communicate to your bosses what you have actually achieved. Figures speak louder than words.

Be kind to everyone

Kindness is something that is recognised by everyone around you. It is better to be known as a kind person then someone who is out for themselves and lacks manners. 

Marketing Eye has roles in Atlanta and Melbourne for Marketing Executives that really progress people's careers. The culture in both offices is phenomenal with the people really making a difference to the work environment. With a flat organisational structure, there is no real boss, but a bunch of self-starters who are hell-bent on doing a great job for the clients that they work with. You won't find a place more welcoming and conducive to career advancement than at Marketing Eye.

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