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Business owners are looking for consistent returns, not one hit wonders

Business owners are looking for consistent returns, not one hit wonders

When building a business or taking the one you have to the next level, it is important to consider how you want to grow your nest egg. What happens when one marketing campaign turns into a rush for your product and service and is this the way you want to grow? Or do you want to maintain a regular increase in sales month-on-month at a sustainable level so you can keep customer experience at an optimum level and ensure that your team of people are growing with you?

For many businesses this is a condundrum. Quite simply, we all want to grow fast and entrepreneurs are inherently impatient. We also believe that we are super-human, capable of doing things that others would not phantom. At times, we falsely believe that we are like an elite athlete, and we are prepared to win every race, but the reality is a different matter. While the experiences in business help shape our futures, there is never enough training and development that can prepare us for the unknown. If you ask an 80 year old business person, they will tell you that they are still learning and still get it wrong from time to time.

Athletes on the other hand benefit from daily training routines, performance measures and statistics. They know if they win, they can do it over and over again, as long as they keep pushing forward to be the best. 

Business owners and in particular, small business owners, are faced with a constant, unrentlenting learning curve. It doesn't stop and every time you feel that the world is giving you a break, something else happens. It's life and part of the parcel that you signed up for.

But there are some things that we can do from a business perspective that help steady the process, and keep us in line with our business goals. One of them is marketing. That's right, marketing. Marketing can be measured, consistent, thriving, abundant, proven, data-based and you can even predict your return on investment based on previous marketing campaigns, or in Robotic Marketers case, machine learning from 1,000's of marketing strategies.

What business owners today are looking for from their marketing is:


For decades this has been a dirty word in the marketing department, but no more. Any good marketer is desperate to show their powers to be just how effective and efficient they are in providing the company with a measurable return on investment for marketing spend. If your marketing department is not giving you this, then ask for it.

Consistent branding

Adhoc marketing often comes with inconsistency in branding and key messages. While you may have a 'one hit wonder', you will confuse the market and find yourself at a loss long-term. Every marketer knows that consistent branding and key messaging is the most powerful reinforcement tool a business has.

Regular marketing activations

Every day your company should be marketing, even if you don't have a marketing department. From posting on social media, sending out emails, attending networking events, ringing customers, asking for testimonials and anything else that falls under this realm, it's easy for anyone who works for you to participate. Just set rules and guidelines and the rest will be proof in the pudding.

Marketing strategy

Having a marketing strategy will be your company's game changer. You can have this done internally, or through your marketing agency. Otherwise, if you are really wanting to deep dive into your industry's performance, competitors marketing activities and data, as well as learn from your past experiences, use Robotic Marketer. The technology company combines the skills of a marketing manager walking you through a marketing workshop and inputting data into the marketing technology platform, with the smart, intuitive, fact-based, AI technology itself. The latter is just $1,950 per marketing strategy. You can expect a 40 page comprehensive marketing plan with key actionable marketing activities. If you are adventurous, combine all three!

Growing your company in a measureable, predictable way, with discipline and processes in place will help you establish a company that will be there for the long-haul. There's a reason why companies are now steering away from the sales people who ring up and promise the world, because all they get is a paper based Atlas!

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comments ( 3 )
  • Rinaldo
    02 Jul 2019

    One hit wonders are able to take themselves to the next level, but they fall very fast if they are inconsistent, which is one of the most important aspects of anything, consistency!

  • Cherry
    26 Jun 2019

    This is very informative for young entrepreneurs on how to focus on their business and put efforts on marketing.

  • Rinaldo
    21 Jun 2019

    A good read Mellissah. Especially with the advancements in technology for this day and age there are just endless improvements on products and services in all industries.