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A new way to supercharge your marketing

A new way to supercharge your marketing

With the end of another quarter imminent, our business is re-thinking the way in which we do business. There are operational changes, a new management team and a number of strategic overhauls that will help our business navigate a new era.

Part of this investment in other areas is to ensure that our clients and employees experience is optimised. That means taking them on a powerful journey that engages them at every level and ultimately helps them achieve their goals.

To be able to leverage our brand and positioning in the market, we are going to take on more clients that form part of our community. This evolution will help clients support each others businesses and put in practice a community support group that 'likes', 'shares' and engages with each other as much as they engage with us.

A few days back we sent out an email marketing campaign focused on companies that are seeking to increase their sales performance, improve brand awareness and have a bumper next quarter. 

Smart Marketing

Being clever about how you market is all about understanding your target audience, having a customer experience journey blueprint in place, and making sure you connect with your customers the way they want to experience your brand. Smart marketing is also about having a strategy and actually implementing it. Not letting the day-to-day activities of your brand get in the way of your ability to implement your marketing strategy to its full capacity. We know that if you do implement your marketing strategy, you will achieve your goals. The problem is how disciplined you and your team are to implementing your strategy and whether or not you are talking to your customer or to yourselves. The ladder is the biggest obstacle many entrepreneurs face. They know what they like, and they expect that their customers are like them. They aren't.

Experienced Team

Many small and medium sized businesses use marketing agencies to support their internal marketing resources. This is often the best mix for any company seeking to grow their business. Agencies tend to be more accountable as you are paying them on a monthly basis or as per each project. Internally, you should always consider the cost of marketing based on salaries each month and what is your return on investment.

Marketing Eye trains and develops marketing employees so that they are able to support marketing managers across the entire marketing mix. This is imperative to keeping up to date with the latest in marketing techniques.

Make sure your team is capable in delivering upon your marketing strategy and are diligent in the implementation of each component, meeting deadlines and continually improving your brand awareness. Importantly, ensure that they are continually engaging with your internal sales department. While 'sales people' can be full-on if they are good, and this often creates conflict with the more subdued marketers on your team, they are critical to your business. Without sales, you don't have a business. Marketers need to be aware of this and talk to their sales teams and ask them the questions that help identify the best marketing assets to help them do their jobs.

Powerful Technology

From a marketing strategy perspective, there is only one marketing technology in the world today that develops a complete marketing strategy using AI and machine learning, complemented by qualified marketing managers, and that's Robotic Marketer. Other technologies that are important include email marketing platforms, Visual Visitor, CRM software, and social media calender dispensers like Hootsuite. 

If you want to know what other technologies we use, please call us!

It's a good time to take action. Sitting on your hands will never get you anywhere. Work out where you want to go and how you want to get there. Measure performance along the way. And if all else fails, call us! 1300 300 080

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  • talentcorp
    18 Jul 2019

    Great article.

  • Cherry
    10 Jul 2019

    Implementing a relevant marketing strategy is not easy, there are rules and skills to launch in the right way.

  • Xavier
    03 Jul 2019

    Marketing provides us a lot of useful methods and strategies in which it can increase the value of the company they own, and it is developing with the modern technology that ensures they are following trend of the target audience. Therefore, different industries need marketing for their business, and we do need marketing to promoting ourselves. It is quite a utility way for anyone! Thank you for sharing!

  • Rinaldo
    02 Jul 2019

    Marketing has been a key role to every company and I can see how powerful it can be in any given industry.

  • Habiba
    01 Jul 2019

    This is my first time visit on this website and I found it useful in respect of content. The title of articles are quite interesting .
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