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Being a marketing consultant is insane

Being a marketing consultant is insane

Being a marketing consultant is truly insane. Trying to explain what you do on a daily basis, is like talking another language to most people that are not in the industry - and for reason. We all work at different levels and few of us really talk to each other about marketing because everyone wants to be the top marketing expert that clients go to for advice.

What you read on websites is often such a small part of the puzzle. If a marketing consultant gave you the real insight into how to be super smart at marketing, you wouldn't need them and there would be no purpose for them to write the blog, as they wouldn't be getting too many clients. It's a harsh reality, but so true.

Marketing Eye tries to be different. We never realise how different we are until someone else brings it to our attention. 

As we evolve as a marketing agency, we have invested in technology. We use other best-of-breed technologies and have developed our own proprietary technology to better manage clients, reduce hours spent on administrative tasks, give clients better access to information and their files when and if they need it, and train them and their teams on marketing so that they can start doing 'more' internally should they like. 

Many think that we are mad. Giving away our secrets like that, but we believe in the relationships we have with clients and how we all can do more to improve our ability to market to clients and give them a better customer experience.

There are so many marketing websites out there and in particular, digital marketing agencies. An old intern who I didn't remember, who doesn't have any significant digital experience client facing, recently rang one of our clients. What was interesting about that was here is another person popping up trying to sell digital marketing services. How does a client know who they can trust? Anyone can read a blog and talk the talk, but how is it possible that a company is able to navigate who will be able to help them achieve their goals? It's getting harder and harder for small businesses particularly, as they cannot afford the big agencies and often look for the cheaper alternative, which means freelancers in many cases.

My life as a marketer has been one wild ride. I am fortunate to be in a position where I constantly learn new things, and try new technologies, applications and creative elements. I travel a lot so that I can expand my mind, and be free to re-imagine both my company and that of how our marketing consultants view their clients.

Working in 'unsexy' industries has been such a blessing. Ask me anything about technology, manufacturing, logistics, transport, health, bio-technology or finance - I am sure I will have a fairly well-educated go at giving you an answer. That is how vast my experience has been over the past 25 years.

Why being a marketing consultant is insane is because no two days, or two clients are the same. Your view on marketing is only limited by your knowledge and imagination. The ability to get results is also based on experience and data science, creativity and understanding of target audiences.

You can be the smartest person in the room scholastically, and yet never get any ROI for a client because you don't get it. You cannot get inside the heads of target audience nor provide a USP that defines the client.

Learning is imperative to success. Wanting to constantly, relentlessly improve is essential. Having enough hours in the day is another story.

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  • Jake
    25 Feb 2019

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience on what it's like being a marketing consultant. At least connecting with all those different industries must keep your work interesting.

  • Logo bigben
    Logo bigben
    11 Sep 2018

    I find your blogs very much interesting. According to my opinion, when a business starts up to go digital
    so it is very necessary to go for Digital Marketing
    by your business can grow digitally and globally and can get new customers.

  • Kermit Kuka
    Kermit Kuka
    06 Aug 2017

    Good stuff. That's a great post. Much appreciated.

  • Search Optimize Me
    Search Optimize Me
    01 Aug 2017

    When you are a Market Consultant it is very important not to get frustrated and stay patient.

  • Alberto Valderrama
    Alberto Valderrama
    03 Jul 2017

    What we find in magazines is what really worked for one specific case, and actually a method that has worked in a company must not do more than motivate us to open the eyes and see that there are more solutions passing around in the current world of Marketing and that definitively there are always more efficient or effective ways to reach our current goals, not only by putting our ideas to the limit but also paying others more experienced consultants to do it for you. Marketing is constantly evolving in many aspects (and remaining in others), so leaders must keep eyes always in the future but do not forget to have the mirror close, just in case :).