What an entrepreneurs world looks like from the inside

What an entrepreneurs world looks like from the inside

It's 2 a.m. in the morning. I lay awake having just flown in the day before from Los Angeles. My eye's are sore, and somewhat tired, but my mind is wide awake. I can't seem to get back to sleep. I get up and get a drink from the fridge.

I go back to work. Today, I decided that I would sleep my first night back home in my own bed without taking anything that would aid a full nights sleep. I am home after all, so I am hoping the comfort of my own possessions helps me fall into a nice deep sleep.

It's 3 a.m. and I haven't gone back to sleep. I decide to look at the news on my cell phone. Nothing new is happening. Clearly no-one's updated local news yet, so I am either not missing anything, or it's too early even for the news hounds. I decide that I will not fall asleep. Instead, I will wait until a respectable hour of 4.30 a.m. and get out of bed, shower, and head down to a cafe on Domain Road that I know is open early. I do this often when I return from overseas, and the same four men are always sitting there chatting away after a walk around the Tan.

Today, I beat them to their seats. I order a large coffee, and some hard poached eggs. They bring bacon with it. I am allergic to bacon but it's too early to re-explain this, so I give it to my dog instead. The guys, or at least three out of the four, arrive. They join me at the table. They ask me a million questions about what I am doing with business and how my overseas trip was. It's funny, even they have realised that I only go to that cafe when I first arrive back and cannot sleep. Otherwise, I go to one up the road on the same street or to Hobba Prahran. I enjoy our dialogue. They are all very smart, wise, men. They are all also all Jewish. We often laugh about the same things. One is a psychiatrist and I always wonder if he reads me better than the rest. Perhaps he does, but he certainly doesn't let on.

My mind is wondering. I am excited. My first morning back in the office. While I love the banter, I can't wait to head to the office. Today, I forgot the password to get in. Silly me. Surely by now I would remember.

Similarly, I forgot what was my cross street for where I am building my new house when I was explaining it to Sam. I must be tired and that is causing me to be forgetful.

As I walk into my office I feel like I have just arrived home. I love it. New orchids adorn the corner of the office, and fresh water sits on my desk next to the lampshade. I see a glimpse of the Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum that a man who once sat on a flight for four hours next to me as I was travelling back from Europe, had sent only days before. He always remembers my birthday, Christmas, and sometimes has a sense if I am having a bad day. There is nothing in it. He is just a good guy. I have seen him a few times since over about a six year period, for no longer than an hour or two. We chat mostly about deep stuff; why the world is like it is. What makes me tick. What makes him tick. What is our "lot" in life and so on. It always fascinates me. There is no funny business, just a sense of comfort from a stranger.

I open my computer, and I start logging onto our various blog sites. The first blog, I was uninspired. It is a tad boring. As I go to the second, I realise someone from another office overseas has beat me to it. So, I log onto this one. I decide to write down how my day has unfolded. It is now 8.03 a.m. I am still typing. The rest of the day is normal; meetings for Marketing Eye, Eskrape, The World Incubator, and a number of other tech projects I am part of. It's full as you would expect. I will most probably leave the office at 6.30 p.m. then go to the grocery store to buy some food products for myself and my dog. I may pop down to the Botanical for dinner, and then have an early night. Tomorrow.... much of the same.

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